It’s time for that annual winter vacation– yes, the one you’ve been dreading to arrange. Planning a perfect getaway may seem like a hassle with the travel, baggage, and finding a place to stay, but have no fear, i'm here! Whether you’re planning a trip with the family, treating yourself to a personal holiday, or arranging a romantic getaway with your significant other, there’s some things to know in advance. Here’s some advice for the stress-free, effortless holiday you desire.

Traveling Tips & Tricks

It may seem like a tedious task, but planning ahead is crucial for a relaxed, stress-free vacation. Creating a detailed itinerary can help organize your accommodations and activities and keep a schedule that you can reference throughout your trip. However, with organization also comes flexibility. Flight delays, overbooking, and other unforeseen predicaments can interfere with your itinerary, but don’t fret! You’ll get to your destination one way or another, and schedule changes are bound to happen, so having alternatives can come in handy. The Clever Fox travel planner is a valuable resource to utilize so your trip can be stress-free and cost saving. It comes with a bucket list to cross off all the places you’ve visited and countries you would like to see, route tracking to follow along your flights and dates of travel, and even a list of what to pack. Plus the planner comes in fifteen different colors, making you not only the most organized, but also the cutest Gal on the trip!

Discover the Perfect Location

Park City, Utah is renowned for its abundant snowfall and versatility in skiing opportunities. From novice skiers to the most experienced snowboarders, all types of individuals are welcome on the mountain. It has more than 40 lifts, 7 terrain parks, and 330 trails open to the public, all ranging from green bunny hills to double black diamond terrain. If skiing isn’t for you, no worries! Park City is also home to a quaint winter town that offers plenty of shopping and restaurants just a quick drive (or ski) away!

Lake Tahoe, California is located on the border of California and Nevada, Tahoe offers more than just a lake to canoe and swim in during the summer. Its terrains stretch to both states, giving you the choice to ski along the 4,800 acres it provides. There are a plethora of resorts to choose from, and scenic slopes to ski down. For those of you that aren’t into the skiing scene, Lake Tahoe also provides winter tubing and rides on a gondola across its mountainous region!

If you’re looking for a versatile and snowy skiing experience, Telluride is the place for you. This location is known for its abundance in different terrain experience levels, having 23% of its terrain dedicated to beginner snowboarders and skiers, 36% allocated to intermediate skiers, and the rest exclusive to the more advanced. Known for its ample snowfall, Telluride ensures excellent winter conditions and a family-friendly experience.

Suitcase Savvy

Although packing may seem like a daunting task, there are many preemptive tasks you can complete to avoid the stress-induced task. Making a packing list is a great way to remain organized throughout your trip, ensuring that all the essential items you need are stowed where you need it for the duration of your trip. It’s also good to keep in mind that there is a threat of lost baggage, meaning that you should keep all your important items, such as medications, identification documents (e.g., passport, drivers license), toiletries bag, in your carryon so that they remain with you at all times. If you’re having trouble arranging your personal items in your suitcase, I recommend the GOOSOM packing cubes to help organize your suitcase. This set comes with eight packing cubes that fulfill different needs for clothing storage, shoe management, accessory organization, and so much more!

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Pursue Fun-Filled Adventures

Whether you’re a cozy homebody curled up next to the fire reading a book, or an active adventurer who braves steep, mountainous slopes, this winter season provides many fun, snowy activities that you can enjoy with your spouse, children, or happily by yourself! Skiing is a popular choice to enjoy the thrill of going downhill at accelerated speeds, or admire the beauty at the top of pristine mountains. It’s a versatile sport that all can appreciate, whether you’re a novice skier creeping down the bunny hill, or a more seasoned skier racing down a double black diamond. If skiing isn’t your forte, no worries! These touristy winter towns have plenty of shops to venture to, frozen ponds to skate on, or shallow hills to tube down.

It’s important to remember that this trip is for your enjoyment and relaxation. It may be stressful in the preparation phase, but it will all be worth it in the end!

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