Traveling during the holiday season brings a unique set of challenges. Embarking on a journey during this festive time requires strategic planning, conscious packing, and a commitment to your well-being that withstands the rigors of travel. Whether you're headed home for the holidays or embarking on a winter getaway, mastering the art of stress-free travel is a must. In this guide, we've curated a list of holiday travel tips to ensure you arrive at your destination with style, ready for the adventure that awaits.

Pack Smart

Creating a well-packed suitcase should be considered an art form. You want to have enough outfits and clothing articles prepared for each day, and possibly one or two extra for any mishaps. Start by curating mix-and-match outfits that cater to various occasions. A small vacation capsule wardrobe works wonders so you don’t completely overpack while still feeling like you have enough to wear. For your toiletries, consider travel-sized essentials that won’t take up too much space. Think multitasking products that hydrate and rejuvenate, all while fitting effortlessly into your carry-on or suitcase. 

It’s a good idea to invest in items that are designed to take packing from stressful to efficient. Packing cubes are an amazing way to do just that! This set comes in various colors and has a variety of sizes included, ensuring you can organize everything just the way you like. For makeup and skincare, less is more—you don’t want to be traveling with a huge case of expensive products that might be damaged or lost. This stylish cosmetic bag is large enough to hold a good amount of products without weighing down your luggage.

Comfort, Meet Style

Fashion-forward travel is all about finding that sweet spot between comfort and style. Opt for chic athleisure ensembles or cozy sweaters paired with versatile bottoms. Layers are your best friend, ensuring you're ready for any climate, whether you're headed to a snowy retreat or a beachy escape. Items that work two ways are great for traveling as well, such as a scarf that you can use as a blanket on chilly airplanes. 

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

Flying can be dehydrating, and winter weather doesn't help. Combat dry skin and jet lag by staying well-hydrated throughout your journey. Bring a reusable water bottle and hydrating facial mist to keep your skin dewy and fresh, and you'll arrive at your destination looking and feeling radiant. If you have a long flight, don’t skip your skincare! Bring along a sheet mask or face mask—your skin will seriously thank you.

Plan Your Entertainment

A long flight or train ride is the perfect opportunity for some self-care. Load up your tablet or e-reader with your favorite podcasts, digital magazines, or a captivating book. Before your trip, spend time time creating the perfect playlist—or maybe even a few! You could also use this time to start a travel journal—detail your trip to your destination and write about what you’re most excited to do or see. It's not just a journey; it's a chance to unwind and indulge in a little "me time."

Expect the Unexpected

Delays and unforeseen circumstances are part of the travel experience. Stay calm and collected by allowing for extra time in your itinerary—head to the airport early to avoid long waits at TSA, or figure out the best time to leave by car to miss rush hour. Whether it's a weather delay or a last-minute change of plans, a flexible mindset is the key to stress-free travel.

Travel Safe and Smart

Stay organized and stress-free by embracing technology. Download travel apps for seamless navigation, check in online to avoid long lines, and make use of digital boarding passes. It’s a good idea to keep a picture of your ID and passport on your phone in case of emergencies, as well as knowing how to contact your country’s embassy if you’re going international.

If you’re venturing somewhere you’ve never been before, you probably are looking forward to the element of surprise. While exploring a new destination is one of the joys of traveling, it’s always a good idea to get your bearings before you step foot into the unknown. You don’t have to spoil everything for yourself, but taking note of landmarks or even planning a few locations to visit or dine at (and the travel you need to get there!) is a great way to feel confident and secure on your adventures.

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Avoid Peak Days + Take Early Flights

Choosing which days to travel around a holiday (in this case Christmas and NYE 2023) is quite the important decision to make. Think about how crazy the Monday to Wednesday befor Thanksgiving are and now apply that to this. Also, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation's Air Travel Consumer Report for October, flights between 6-7AM had a departure rate of 90% on-time while flights 5-11PM and redeye had aa less than 65% rate.

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