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If you're going to develop a certain habit in 2024, let it be listening to podcasts that allow you to feel inspired, empowered, and informed (sound familiar?). Ask yourself if you're going to make 2024 your best year yet and level up with these podcasts designed to help you become your best self, or “that girl” this year!

1. Soul and Wit

Courtney Carver, creator of Project 333 and Be More With Less, and her daughter Bailey Carver talk about simplicity, wellness, minimalism, happiness, and how to live a meaningful life. Recent episodes have included topics such as habits, letting go, closet decluttering, productivity culture, and bedtime routines. They also occasionally have guest speakers such as author Jenny Bayliss.

2. Two Degrees Hotter

A podcast dedicated to post-grad Gen-Z lifestyle and self development advice led by two best friends, Anya and Kylie, based in Boston. These gals discuss career tips, mental health, personal finances, and much more for the fresh graduates that are stepping into the real world looking towards self development. Recent episodes have discussed mocktails, goals, winter uglies, fitness routines, and romanticizing your life on a budget.

3. In Bloom

Founded by Abby Asselin, this podcast seeks to inspire others to do what they love and live an authentic life true to their values. She truly advocatess for the fact that you shouldn't have to compromise on your beliefs and wellbeing to cater to a life that you "should" be living. Abby discusses the high and lows of becoming the best version of yourself and blooming where you are planted. Recent episodes include talks on leveling up and being intentional with your life and goals, Abby’s experience in working at a Big 4 firm and why she quit, and evening rituals to recharge and simplify after work.

4. Dr. Brooke Show

Dr. Brooke Kalanick covers women’s health, fitness, hormones, and happiness with the intention to help women live their biggest, best, and healthiest lives. It can be difficult being a woman and not having the guidance, information, or facilities you need to live your life comfortably and that's what she aims to change. Better by Brooke also provides you with articles, quizzes, guides, and products that can help you better understand your bodily changes and potential conditions. Recent episodes include information on balancing your hormones and restoring joy, how to get more accountability in the gym, cortisol and anxiety, and breast health beyond mammograms.

5. 80/20

Lily Rakow is all about living the 80/20 lifestyle: balancing function and fun with candid conversations on faith, wellness, careers, friendships, relationships, mental health, and more for the twenty-something woman. She’s a Gen-Z digital marketing guru and a holistic health coach who recognized the potential of her voice at the early age of 12. She had submitted a creative writing draft which was published in Discovery Girl Magazine. Recent episodes have covered self-discipline, becoming “that girl,” healing body image issues, vision boards, journaling, and self-awareness.

6. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Rated the #1 mental health podcast, the monk-turned best selling author, life coach, purpose driven entrepreneur, and co-founder sits down to chat with influential and motivating individuals. Through his conversations, Jay aims to provide altering and refreshing perspectives on how you can handle your life with purpose, on purpose whether that be in your work life, relationships, mental health, and more. His interviews (or should we say get-to-know sessions) feel so natural that you'll feel as if you're being spoken to through the screen, we've even caught ourselves nodding around or pausing to chat about it.

7. Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff

Every Tuesday, designer Rebecca Minkoff talks to women from all walks of life who are successful in their careers. From CEOs to artists, she wants to explore and discuss their secrets, the power of vulnerability, how loss can make you stronger, and other ways to allow your inner superwoman to shine. If you've ever wondereed about the secrets behind some of the most successful women in the world, this is for you. Recent episodes have addressed the rise of an interior design superstar, black female founders in the beauty industry, motherhood and love with a professional dancer, and economic equality.

8. Career Contessa

Led by Lauren McGoodwin, this podcast show is meant to help you realize what you truly desire, land a job, make more money, advance your career, and improve your work life with advice from experts. Job searches, job interviews, resumes, LinkedIn, how to get a raise, career growth tips, career transitions, leadership advice, interpersonal skills, wellness strategies, work-life balance–you name it, this show has got it! Recent episodes discuss job fit, things that can influence career success, resume mistakes, and quitting for success.

9. Style Your Mind Podcast

Founded by Cara Alwill Leyba, best selling personal development author and life coach, and named one of the “top women-led podcasts to download now” by Forbes and featured by Oprah, this show is designed for success-driven women ready to prioritize themselves, forget the rules, and blaze their own way in life and business. Build your self-confidence, overcome your fears, and start creating a life you love and are proud of with tips and tools provided by Cara. Recent episodes have covered entrepreneurship, being authentic, creating what you wish existed, getting over emotionally unavailable people, and making a brand pivot.

10. The Happiness Lab

Dr. Laurie Santos takes the content from the Psych course she teaches at Yale to present you with the latest scientific research and shares some surprising and inspiring stories that will change the way you think about happiness. Dr. Santos believes that our minds lie to us because research tells us that it’s not our circumstances, but how we react to them that dictates our happiness. Lessons like these are why she focuses on the easy changes that we can make in order to lead “the good life”, versus a huge vacation or endlessly working towards that promotion.

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11. The Girls Bathroom

The girls bathroom is where you cried during your first heartbreak, gossiped with your best friend, and took refuge in before classes. Sophia and Cinzia, two life-long best friends, decided to encapsulate this girl experience through their podcast, “The Girls Bathroom,” to share their own stories and offer advice to their listeners. This podcast is designed for the  girls who struggle with getting out of sticky situations and feel helpless when it comes to relationships and boys. By providing relatable experiences and the difficult tribulations girls go through throughout their lives, Sophia and Cinzia give listeners a sense of safety and relatability where they feel comfortable to express their own feelings and thoughts. Their advice is expressed through a comedic and understanding lens, which cannot only alleviate the mood on hard-to-talk subjects, but also foster an inviting atmosphere where all girls are welcome.

12. Stuff Mom Never Told You

Hosted by Anne Reese and Samantha McVey, this podcast explores the social adversity, gender norms, and marginalized experiences women undergo through a feminist lense. Anne and Sophia discuss the history and science behind challenging stereotypes whilst sharing their own personal stories to cover a wide range of social issues prevalent in today’s society. This podcast aims to create an interactive space where listeners can share their own experiences, in addition to covering content that’s conveniently left out in popular media. By touching on the femininity and duality of womanhood, Anna and Samantha offer listeners a diverse perspective on topics that affect them personally and in the real world.

13. Girls Gotta Eat

Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg lead the hit podcast “Girls Gotta Eat,” by sharing their experiences and perspectives on topics ranging from relationship advice to the complexities of dating. It gained popularity  for its unfiltered and comedic tone, and combines serious dating issues with relatable content that curates an entertaining and informable space for its listeners. These podcasters engage with their audience through live shows, call-ins, and listener submissions to bring diverse experiences of girls to light and create a judgment-free zone for those who wish to express their feelings. While they themselves are not relationship experts and express their mind solely based on their own experiences, Ashley and Rayna host a variety of guests that are knowledgeable on the topic and are able to offer expert advice on the complex world of dating.

14. Hot Mess

Popular TikTok star and fashion icon, Alix Earle, hosts a podcast series that explores her own life experiences and paints the not-so-perfect picture that her fans may not see. Alix takes the phrase “Hot Mess” seriously when describing her chaotic and disorganized lifestyle, creating content that is not only relatable for her listeners, but also exposing the issues influencers experience behind the scenes. Her recent podcasts explore the transition to the real-world after college and the struggles she’s faced throughout the years as a young adult. Listeners can find a sense of relatability through her personal experiences and be reminded that sometimes life gets messy for everyone, including popular artists and influencers, and the journey through that hot mess is what makes life worth living.

15. Girls that Invest

Globally recognized investment experts and Forbes 30 Under 30 Honourees, Sim and Sonya, lead the #1 investing podcasts for women around the world. Their mission is to educate their audience about financial investments and accumulating wealth, pushing for more women to invest in a male-dominated business world and close the wealth gap contributing to it. “Girls that invest” aims to teach listeners about the ins and outs of the corporate realm and help them overcome their apprehension of the financial unknown, which in turn builds their confidence and allows them to navigate the world of investment.

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