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Looking for a fresh neutral to add to your wardrobe? Add chocolate or dark mocha; the reigning color shades of brown are taking over Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards this fall season. Embrace the contemporary charm of brown, similar to neutrals such as black or beige, but not as dull as gray or navy blue. This underrated color of previous years dominates fashion from luxury to “everyday luxury” brands such as Aritzia to Max Mara, who embrace minimalistic outfit choices. Mixing various textures and fabrics with brown adds a new dimension to your winter wardrobe. Here are six distinct ways to style brown effortlessly.

  1. Monochromatic Styling
  1. Mix with Darker Colors
  1. Dress Down with Denim
  1. Leather It Up
  1. Accessorize with Bags

Monochromatic Styling


We’re all used to wearing all black or white from head to toe, but have you tried doing it with brown? These mocha-colored brown combos feature Rag & Bone’s wool blend coat, which is essential for those workwear days and matches perfectly with Ralph Lauren’s ribbed turtleneck and Aritzia’s Wilfred brand wide-leg pants. Monochromatic is chic and elegant, giving the wearer an intentional elevation to their look. Brown knitwear like Proenza Schouler’s sweater can complement your wardrobe essentials effortlessly, but it can also add a touch of vibrancy with the proper styling of wide-leg trousers.

Mix with Darker Colors

It's important to remember that selecting the appropriate darker hues that go darker than the base color for a great contrast, understanding which clothing items they complement, and matching them with different colors are all crucial factors to consider. Wearing black or navy blue with brown can make a stylish and refined statement look. Zara’s midi skirt or SKIMS’s crewneck long-sleeve dress with Zara’s knee-high boots for a dynamic, edgy look with, of course, an oversized chocolate brown coat to complete.

Dress Down with Denim

There are a few fabrics that particularly complement the color brown. For instance, suede and corduroy work exceptionally well. Exploring different tones and textures doesn't have to be daunting; it can be as effortless as embracing a single color and fabric combination like brown with denim pieces. AllSaints’s wool blend coat with Jacquemus’s jeans or something less edgy like Zara’s straight-leg jeans.

Leather It Up


Alice + Olivia’s vegan leather trench coat adds a bit more of a playful look to your wardrobe as it's very lightweight and can offer you to dress it up or down, or Coach’s 100% authentic lamb leather for those who prefer this option. You can wear a more casual look with Agolde’s leather pants that can be paired with cowboy or biker boots or heels.

Accessorize with Bags

If you're new to experimenting with this color, suggest beginning with accessories with bags such as large totes and crossbody handbags. Acne Studios’s midi tote is the perfect dark and daring tote that goes beyond mainstream tote bags like the Marc Jacobs tote bag. You can also try monogram bags like Gucci’s Horsebit 1955 shoulder bag, essential this season with its exclusive Italian look, or the ever-popular Loewe’s puzzle bag that is all over people’s radar.

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