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You’ve probably been new to “maximalism” before, but we're sure you've seen the eye-catching, trendy looks driving this trend. Fashion-forward trendsetters worldwide are switching from neutral tones and minimalist looks and embracing a more daring approach to fashion that expresses the inner child of ‘dressing up.’ This involves bold prints and colors, ruffles, and exaggerated shapes.

This season, it's time to leap of faith and try some of the most daring trends to rock a maximalist look this fall. While body types can be diverse, we hope to provide personalized inspiration for making these trends work for you.

Choose the Colors and Patterns You Prefer

Contrary to your belief, combining multiple patterns in one outfit is possible and fun! To master the art of mixing prints, opting for different designs that fall within the same color palette is an excellent approach to expressing what colors could give different vibes to whatever mood you feel, like Gucci’s logo-jacquard cardigan. You can combine colors like lime green with pink with or without the skirt that you can easily pair with jeans instead.

By aligning one aspect of the patterns, such as the color palette, you can have fun experimenting with other elements while ensuring your outfit is manageable. When selecting colors, consider the desired effect you want to achieve, like H&M’s textured-weave pink blazer with a matching polka-dot collar shirt, knowing you can match black and white with a light pink add-on. It’s like a muscle memory style one must develop if you can easily pair items together effortlessly.

Shop for Colorful and Fun Fashion

Enjoy adding unique pieces to your wardrobe that resonate with you and go beyond basics, like striped patterns or an oddly colored sweater. Try not having a specific checklist or see what’s trending after every fashion week season. Allow the item to be versatile enough to be worn on multiple occasions but also one that is very colorful and unique, like a total eyecatcher like Simone Rocha’s bow-embellished knit cardigan that gives a frivolous, girly vibe or similar to Molly Goddard’s ruffle-hem cardigan with a high-waisted skirt.

One trending footwear staple this year and last is Miu Miu’s ballet flats, which are part of the “balletcore” trend. You can also opt for poppy loafers like AGL’s Mara loafers that give a light ballet flat vibe.

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Be Creative by Finding Balance

Consider picking one standout detail and building the rest of your look around it. For example, if you wear a bold silhouette, opt for more structured accessories to balance it out. And if you're rocking multiple patterns, try sticking to one color palette to keep things cohesive. Remember, you can still enjoy maximalism without going overboard like Sandro’s cropped “coatigan” matching an oversized blazer with straight-leg jeans, as these are basic items with bold colors that still fit each other perfectly.

Add Accessories

Jewelry truly has the power to add a deeply personal and meaningful touch to any outfit. It is a reflection of our unique style and personality. Regarding exquisite pieces, Norwegian Kolours Jewelry stands out as creative, colorful fine jewelry that celebrates self-expression.

Standout bags one can definitely to their maximalist looks are, of course, large tote bags like Kurt Geiger London’s clear vinyl tote or the complete opposite like Jacquemus’s Le Chiquito Moyen top handle which is very caricature-esque but very small and practical.

Maximalism isn’t a fashion trend and challenges what trends are and how society defines them as recycling every few years. Some viewers may criticize maximalist fashion videos for appearing “messy.”  However, it's essential to recognize that the trend (or anti-trend) provides a fresh perspective on interpreting fashion. Everyone has unique tastes and styles, and it's okay to appreciate and interpret fashion differently. Let's celebrate the creativity that maximalist fashion brings to your wardrobe.

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