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Capricorn season can end with us all being exhausted. All the time crunching hard work, disciplinary goals that you have to meet pre-following-year, and relaxing yet anxious energy all around...makes you almost feel sick. Well the good news is, Aquarius season starts tomorrow which means changes are to come!

While Capricorn season pushed us towards goals and wanting to achieve them quick, Aquarius is going to lead us to be abstract with our thought process. Basically...instead of pushing the envelope, you're going to want a storage unit for your ideas, something different! Aquarius is going to invite you for change, weirdness, and a bit of rebellion.

It's the time to be uplifting towards yourself and others, become super imaginative, and act eccentric!

Aquarian celebs (left to right): Shakira, Harry Styles, Alicia Keys, Oprah, Michael B Jordan original illustration by Gazette Gal team

Set new rules for your life from now til February 18 (continue afterwards too of course, but go full fledge right now).

Aquarius is 1/3 of the air signs in the zodiac which means these folks are the thinkers, communicators, and doers of the zodiac. With this energy being put out in the world, you're going to feel enticed to view situations with an open mind and acceptance.

Aquarius has an almost contagiously friendly and charming element to it that alsoo has hgh adaptabiliity to change. Don't be afraid of discomfort for the next few weeks especially.‍


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