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It’s no secret that the Aperol Spritz has been the unofficial drink of the summer for quite some time now. If you are unfamiliar with this timeless summer cocktail, this is a drink containing one part Aperol liqueur, one part prosecco, and a splash of club soda. For the ideal summer night, its sweet and citrusy taste is simply too good to refuse. Even though the Aperol Spritz is an iconic drink, it's occasionally fun to rotate in some other spritzy alternatives. In an attempt to shake things up, we asked a bartender which summertime substitutes for an Aperol Spritz might be most appealing to you.

Hugo Spritz

The Hugo Spritz is the Aperol Spritz’s older, more mature sister. This spritz scraps the Aperol for an Elderflower liqueur such as St. Germaines. Garnished with limes, a Hugo Spritz has gentle floral and minty finish.

Limoncello Spritz

Nothing screams summer more than a lemon flavored cocktail. This spritz features Limoncello as its main attraction mixed with prosecco and club soda. The Limoncello Spritz will be sure to live up to your standards as a new summer classic.

Campari Spritz

Similar in color and taste to the Aperol Spritz, the Campari Spritz is a great alternative for the summer cocktail. As Campari is the liqueur most commonly used in the Negroni cocktail, this spicey and citrus like spritz is an excellent substitute.

Sherry Spritz or Spanish Spritz

Straight from the south of Spain is the Sherry Spritz. Sherry is a fortified wine often used for cooking due to its rich flavor profile. The Sherry Spritz is a great diversion from the Aperol Spritz with a more nutty and earth earthy finish to it. This Spritz is sure to catch your interest on a beautiful summer night.

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