The sleek bun that became popular after Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were seen wearing it often, has been going absolutely viral on social media with the “clean-girl aesthetic”. Not only does it look fabulous but it’s the perfect updo for dirty hair. Did you know there’s a whole technique to it — well a 5 step one.

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton broke it down for us in a simple way! Hairspray, precision, and patience is key.

Step 1: Take triangle section of hair from crown and separate it

Step 2: Hair spray the top of the remainder of hair and sleek back into a pony

Step 3: Take triangle section down, finalize middle part, hair spray the two sections

Step 4: Take the hair back and secure with another hair-tie

Step 5: Fill in any sparse area with hair powder or dark eye shadow similar to your hair color

Et Voilà!

Although we all love the chic look this hairstyle gives, you've got to be cautious with the frquency of wearing it. The bun is so tight that it can cause issues like a receding hairline, follicular loss of hair, breakage, and other damage. You should also be aware of which products you're using. We recommend a hairspray or mousse that allow movement in the hair with a hold level of 3 or below (yes, no crunchy hair).

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