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Gigi Hadid has been walking for a variety of designers for years now, representing all sorts of different fabrics and materials. We've seen her on the screen with her sister, mother, and even ex-partner Zayn Malik! Now she's launched her new label, Guest In Residence – an all cashmere clothing brand for both women & men.

When speaking to Forbes, Gigi explains how she's offering a wide variety in accessories and clothing like sweaters, bottoms, beanies, and polos. She says with Guest in Residence, she wants to bridge the gap between overpriced (and normally not as pure as claimed) cashmere and accessible fashion that lasts for generations.

Gigi got the inspo from her parents' cashmere sweaters she'd snag when going from LA to the east coast, in an effort to stay warm. Her mom, Yolanda Hadid, is known to be just a fashion icon as her girls and she was actually a huge inspirationo behind the design. Gigi says her mom's simple but everlasting styles, colors, and designs were always "it" which led Gigi to always splurge on a few quality pieces versus a ton of fast fashion items. But brace yourself, this brand may just be considered a luxury rather than on the affordable side.

Guest in Residence: Layer Up! Vest $245

If you want a plain oversized hoodie you're looking at $345. Apparently her pricing isn't simply a reflection of who she is, but she believes you have to invest in great quality, which is exactly what she's promising. She's sourced long-fiber cashmere (Grade A – highest quality) from Inner Mongolia. This fiber is essentially a biodegradable yarn that won't cause pilling because we all know how much that sucks! Sustainable clothing that looks great, feels buttery soft, keeps you cozy, and is of great quality…would you invest in a timeless piece from Guest In Residence?

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