This spring welcomes vibrant new flowers, fresh, crisp breezes, and the most exciting time of it all– wedding season! Whether attending a dear friend's destination wedding, a family member's intimate ceremony, or any other joyful occasion, dressing to impress is essential for guests. To help you in becoming the epitome of style at these celebrations (second only to the bride, of course), we've  curated a list of stunning wedding guest dresses that will make you the stylish of the season!


What says spring and wedding more than a floral maxi? They embody the beauty and vitality of nature, especially of the blooming flowers during spring.They also exude a sophisticated and elegant ambiance, allowing you to embrace your personal style and becoming the perfect choice for your wedding venue dress. Floral maxi’s are also versatile, whether you want a flowy, vibrant dress decked with ruffles or an elegant silk floral maxi, you can choose a dress that matches your style and accessorize to your hearts desire!

Sleeveless Belted Halter Maxi Dress- $168.75 (Michelle floral tart)

Watercolor Floral Print Gown- $279 (blue multi)

Remarkable Entrance Satin Midi Dress- $84 (pink floral print)


A chic style usually ranges from a wide range of options, from tailored sheath dresses to flowy maxi’s, that focus on sophistifcation and on trend garments. The versatility of style allows you to choose a dress that suits your taste while also fitting the dress code of the wedding. They’re also the perfect canvas for accessorizing. Sometimes they are simply yet elegant, providing you with the perfect opportunity to accesorize, whether you’re going for a stylish clutch, elegant drip earrings, or statement heels, you can create a neat ensemble that reflects your personality and complements your dress. Sometimes you don’t need florals and vibrant colors to encompass spring; sometimes elegance and chic dresses represent the elegance of spring, which makes this the perfect dress to represent the sophistication of you and this season!

Victoria Maxi Dress- $107 (navy)

Elysium Maxi Dress- $64.99 (pink)

Izy Maxi Dress- $39.00 (plum)


Wearing an elegant dress to a spring wedding encapsulates the essence of the season's renewal and celebration of love. Spring weddings often unfold among a backdrop of blooming flowers and vibrant colors, allowing you to wear a dress of your choice that exudes this romance. Opting for an elegant dress not only allows you to stand out among the vibrant colors of spring, but also adds a touch of refinement and sophistication to your ensemble. They also ensure that you seamlessly blend into the romantic ambiance of the event and adhering to the dress code, while still commanding attention with sophistication. Whether it's a flowing gown or a timeless silhouette, your choice of an elegant dress honors the significance of the union while allowing you to exude timeless charm and beauty amidst the blooming splendor of spring.

Oren Silk Dress- $328 (navy)

Satin Maxi Dress- $69 (pink)

Haley Maxi Dress- $65 (green)


Opting for a modern dress at a spring wedding brings a refreshing twist to traditional attire, infusing the celebration with contemporary flair and style. By choosing a modern dress, you not only stay current with the latest fashion trends but also add a vibrant and energetic element to the wedding. Whether it's a sleek silhouette with clean lines, bold geometric patterns, or unexpected fabric combinations, a modern dress allows you to make a fashion statement. Moreover, they often prioritize comfort and versatility, ensuring that you can dance the night away and move with ease while still looking effortlessly chic. Ultimately, wearing a modern dress to a spring wedding infuses the celebration with contemporary elegance and sets the stage for a memorable and stylish night!

Elegant Formal Solid Backless Oblique Collar Evening Dress- $41.49 (yellow)

Pierre Gown- $598 (lilac)

Maiah Maxi Dress- $39.89 (yellow)


Choosing to wear a bohemian dress to a spring wedding offers a delightful blend of comfort, style, and romanticism that perfectly complements the season's blossoming beauty. Bohemian dresses often possess flowing fabrics, floral prints, and earthy tones, effortlessly representing  the natural ambiance of spring and infusing your night with a dreamy atmosphere. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a bohemian dress also provides comfort, making it an ideal choice for outdoor ceremonies or relaxed venues. This style also allows for personal expression, with its diverse array of silhouettes and accessories enabling you to showcase their unique personalities. Whether it's a rustic barn affair or a beachside gathering, a bohemian dress adapts to various wedding settings, allowing you choose one of these various forms for any function.

Butterfly Babe Lace Maxi Dress- $228 (antique combo)

Solstice Maxi Dress- $38.95

Luna Duster Gown- $850 (nube)

Dark/ Edgy

Dark hues such as navy, burgundy, or deep plum evoke a sense of edgyness and bold contrast, injecting a bold and unconvential contrast against the bright and airiness of spring. By choosing a dark dress, you can exude elegance and refinement while making a statement with your choice of color palette and standing out against the lighter, more vibrant colors of spring. Additionally, a dark dress offers versatility for transitioning from daytime ceremonies to evening receptions, seamlessly blending into various lighting conditions and settings. It also offers versatility and timelessness, making it the perfect choice to obtain that effortlessly chic and polished look you want for any spring wedding occasion!

Metallic Maxi Dress- $65 (deep mauve)

Satin Lace-Bust Dress- $71 (black)

Venice Embroidered Mesh Midi Dress- $135 (black)

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