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The season for fun, love, and festivities is approaching and with that, the decision on what to wear. Planning the event for the night, finding the perfect date-night restaurant, and picking out the most vibrant bouquet of flowers is done, and now you’ve reached the difficult part of the planning process: finding an outfit. There’s a million different routes you can take: Are you going to stick with the cliché hearts and blush pinks associated with the holiday, or is there more of a dark and edgy vibe to it? Are the statement cherry-red boots paired with a matching bow calling your name, or is the casual, comfy streetwear what you’re going for? Your outfit for the night is the most meticulously planned part of your schedule, and it all depends on your personal style preference and what mood you want to convey. You may be lost now, but after this guide on finding a Valentine’s day outfit you’ll fall in love with, you’re going to look as fab, or as comfy, as you like!

Oversized Sweaters/ Sweater Dresses

No Valentine’s outfit is complete without an oversized sweater or sweater dress. This option is perfect for a brunch with the girls, wandering around town during the day, or just relaxing at home with your significant other. Add an oversized sweater of your choosing, whether it be red, white, pink, or black, and pair it with a mini skirt and heeled boots, baggy pants and Jordans, or a maxi denim skirt and sandals– the options are endless! There’s plenty of substitutions for this idea, and you can create any twist on it to find what style is best suited for you. If dresses are more your thing, but you’re not looking to squeeze into a going-out, mini dress for the night, I suggest a loose sweater dress paired with thigh-high boots or wedges. This is your style, so feel free to change whatever you want to represent the uniqueness of your personality!


Sleek Mini Dresses

Want to represent the season of love and affection through a fitted mini dress? Choose a hot, vibrant red or a classy, modest black dress perfect for a night-out with your significant other. Pair this with a messy bun or sleek, gelled ponytail and you’ll obtain the effortless chic vibe you’re going for. Complement the outfit with some sheer tights or strappy heels and feel confident throughout the evening. This is a bold, daring look perfect for the bold, daring girl, so accessorize and add your finishing touches to give off the look you aspire to create!

Classic Streetwear

Sometimes dresses and sweaters don’t showcase your individuality or personal style, and that’s why there are plenty of options to choose from, like the streetwear-style. This style is a combination of casual, urban elements with romantic undertones to create a comfy, stylish look. If you want to incorporate some street-wear elements into your Valentine’s day, wear a graphic tee with a love-themed design or a denim jacket to add an edgy vibe. If you have baggy, distressed jeans, cuff them at the ankle or accessorize with a belt and complete the look. Cargo pants, joggers, and any athleisure also work with this style, so mix and match your outfit to see what best suits you. Streetwear is the perfect opportunity to express your style and individuality, so add whatever layers, colors, and designs you want to have the perfect casual and comfy outfit for Valentine’s Day!



Monochromatic is often referred to as variations and shades of the same color, but in different tones. Although the shades of, let’s say, pink, are different, the blush-pink to dark magenta throughout the style creates a cohesive look. It requires some experimenting and digging through your closet to figure out what goes together, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll look effortlessly coordinated. Plus, monochromatic outfits are versatile so you can dress-down or dress-up the look however you want.



Maybe Valentine’s Day and dressing up is not your thing, and that’s okay! There are many different comfy styles that you can wear at home or relax in that still coordinate with Valentine’s Day. Opt for heart pajamas, soft sweatshirts, or comfortable joggers to create a relaxed aesthetic to the night. If you and your significant other are just looking for a casual, movie night-in, find a pair of matching pajamas or fit the red-and-pink color scheme with a pair of sweatpants, and you’ll have the perfect, cozy night in!


Wearing neutral colors, such as beige, white, and different shades of gray are a stylistic choice if the bright reds and pinks aren’t your style. They provide a unique and understated tone to your outfit, and are perfect for the classy Valentine’s look. Choosing this type of style offers a subtle appeal without being overly flashy, and can give you opportunity to accessorize with more statement pieces, such as a red purse or colorful scarf. Whether you want to dress-down the outfit with an oversized, beige sweater and white lounge pants, or dress-up with a brown long sleeve and plaid skirt, this style is meant for you to comfortably go through your day.

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about hearts, chocolates, lace, and roses– it’s about loving yourself, too. Finding your own style in the sea of endless options is just as important as booking dinner reservations or hosting a Galentine’s party, because it makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Find a style that suits you, and roll with it!

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