Smelling good is a main character moment for sure. Who doesn't like it?

Finding out what you want to casually smell like seems like such a daunting task right because who smells amazing at all times (maybe Kim Kardashian)? But, you can! Your scent is a way that people will remember you, whether that be subconsciously or nostalgia! You can give off luxurious gal vibes or the mysterious quiet one. More importantly, there are certain ways on how you can get yourself to have a signature scent.

There are some main factors to consider one of which are the mood you want to set. Do you want to come off playful? Sexy?

Something to remember is when you spritz yourself, you don't want to feel “this is who I am”. You should feel "this is who I want to be".

Step into your ideal future-life self when you spray yourself.

There is a proper way to utilize perfumes depending on which kind of formulation, finish, consistency, and which scent notes are present.

Dior J'Adore

A few other factors to put into perspective are your skin's natural scent and which body sprays or perfumes you wore as a teen. We can all remember the Bath & Body Works or Victoria's Secret body mists that girls' locker rooms smelled of after PE. Well take those up a notch! There are pro tips given by fragrance experts on how to find your signature scent and you can even start by trying some of this past spring's best fragrances!


Did you know there's also such thing as perfume layering? If one specific perfume is unable to mesh in well with your body's scent, you can try to mix in a few.

Vanilla and musk normally go great together! Perfumes can smell great on the tester strip at Sephora or Ulta, but how will it smell on you when you're freshly showered, sweaty, going to bed, or out and about all day?

Figuring all this out can feel stressful honestly, because you're also spending a ton of money to just experiment. Try being bougie on a budget! Find inexpensive alternatives for your favorites. Dossier is a great way to try similar versions of some of your favorite brands + their scents.

Christine Luby, the co-founder of the fragrance startup Pinrose says that you shouold start with 3 scents, when trying to find out what works. So if you walk into a store with the intention of smelling everything you possibly can...maybe don't.

Luby and her co-founder Erika Shumate actually have broken down scents, to allow fragrance enthusiasts to truly understand what they're smelling:

Oriental: Think of a light incense stick with a hint of sweetness or spice. It's a very airy smell.

Musk: Sounds gross yes, but think of it as a less feminine more clean laundry scent.

Citrusy: Clean floors with a hint of lemons and oranges.

Woody: Think more spicy, nutty, sandalwood, or even pencils.

Floral: Light smells such as gardenia and lily, to stronger ones like peonies and roses.


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