What is Cycle Syncing?

Do you ever feel super tired and just know your periods coming? Or you feel the need to cry your eyes out one second while your sex drive is through the roof the next? What if we told you there's a way to avoid this roller roaster of randomness?

Hormones control everything in a woman's body from hunger to emotions and throughout the month when you go through the four phases menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and experience quite the hormonal changes.

It's time we begin to understand these shifts so we don't feel enslaved to our hormones. Cycle Synching is a term trademarked by Alisa Vitti, the creator of MyFlo App and author of WomanCode. It means you live in accordance to your cycle with the way you eat and exercise.

There aren't many studies done to prove that cycle syncing is a certified "scientific method" but there are more than enough testimonies from women worldwide that can agree to the fact that acting in the following ways has helped them more than anything!

After seeing this chart you may be wondering well how the hell would I know which phase I'm currently in? I have an irregular period, does this still work? I almost have no period due to birth control, how can I figure out a way around that? We've got you covered don't worry!

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The easiest one is menstrual, you can mark which day your period starts and mark the day it finishes. If you have an irregular or almost-never-there period, then ovulation is your next best bet!

Just like pregnancy tests, there are ovulation kits in the pharmacy/women's health section of a store. You can take these tests randomly to test it. Some other ways to know if you're ovulating is to check your temperature (you normally run warmer while ovulating), vaginal discharge will be wetter and clearer, you'll feel more tender + bloated, and you can feel nauseated.


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