Run ice cube/ball over face

Run over skin every morning post-skincare routine until pink and flushed.Yes I know, it sounds crazy to think of doing this after you’ve probably layered on a moisturizer and sunscreen. Not only will it lock your products in but also help with absorption — just pat dry with a gentle towel. This can take a while to acclimate to, you may even feel a stinging or numbing sensation the first few times but it has proven to be quite beneficial. It reduces any swelling or puffiness you may be experiencing (especially after a night of salty foods), increases blood flow, brings blood to surface of skin for faster rejuvenation, and its free! However, it’s not recommended if you have broken capillaries since those are broken blood vessels on the surface of the skin, so bringing more blood into that area will increase them!

Hydrate after brushing your teeth

Lots of people have the habit of chugging water as soon as they wake up without realizing that the toxins and bacteria that build up in your mouth overnight are not to be recycled back into the body. Hello! They’re trying to leave and clean you out. After your mouth is cleansed, having 16 oz of room temp or lukewarm water with lemon can increase hydration, wake your body up, and freshen up your body by flushing even more toxins out.

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Have a green smoothie or juice before consuming any food

Over time humans have just lessened the amount of healthy greens our body needs to survive and thrive so providing it with just that, first thing in the morning is just what it needed. Not to mention, greens quite literally have the ability to clear your skin like no other due to their high vitamin and antioxidant content. There are so many variations of greens you can consume: kale, spinach, celery, cucumbers just to name a few. However, be cautious with the celery juice specifically. Yes it’s very high in fiber naturally, but once juiced, all the fiber is strained out! And according to Chinese medicine, it can weaken your digestive tract overtime.

Get a sweat in!

Get a workout in at least 3x a week where you are sweating! Whether you choose weightlifting, yoga, pilates, HIIT, running, or a hot-girl walk is up to you — but get that heart rate up. When your blood flows faster it delivers more oxygen to the skin and as you sweat you release toxins, best of both worlds!

Adapt Nutrient Dense Diet

Try your hardest to consume nutrient dense foods and revolve your diet around having more than half of your portion in accordance to this. Some fruits and veggies have literal skin healing enzymes such as papayas and spinach. They purify blood from toxins by absorbing them and pushing them out of your body through waste product. 

Red Light Therapy

Partake in red light therapy every day (look at our blog post about Shani Darden swearing by this). Red light has the ability to heal your skin and give you a youthful rejuvenated look. It can fade acne scars, speed up daily cell rejuvenation, reduce inflammation, and tighten skin — win win win and win! Even 10 minutes a day can prove to be extremely beneficial in the long run.

Digestive Green Tea

Drink a digestion green tea post-dinner or any meal that leaves you bloated to ease and speed up digestion, especially before bed. Keep an eye out to ensure that it’s not caffeinated, if you’re having it before bed. Two tips we recommend are always try to buy loose leaf tea as it normally has little to no preservatives, and to make sure a tea is decaffeinated through CO2 process if boxed and in tea bags.

Facial Massage & Lymphatic Drainage

Learn how to massage your face with a gua sha and fingers for toning and lymphatic drainage. Gua shas have been a tool used daily in Asian skin and health care for centuries now, there must be a reason they love it right? Definitely do your research and watch tutorials before you start tugging at your skin and cause premature aging or irrevocable damage to your skin barrier.

Focus on Gut Health

Stay on top of you gut health because it not only affects your mental state of being, but has a straight correlation to the way your skin appears. If you’re constantly eating fried foods, high sugar, and little to no nutrient dense foods, your skin will most definitely reflect that!

Use Sunscreen

Use sunscreen daily! This goes without saying but if you already don’t, we’re begging you to. Not only will it protect you from UVA/UVB rays, it can lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation altogether, and even help the appearance of broken blood vessels on the surface level. Aim to find a mineral sunscreen that is SPF 30-50!

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