We’ve seen the Birkenstock Bostons for a while now and they aren’t going away anytime soon... we love that. However — we think spring 2024 will bring a resurgence of chunky clogs, traditional clogs, a return to our clog-happy roots. They’re a rebellion against hustle culture: they’re a functional slipper, a traditional house or garden shoe, something to be owned, used, and maintained in private. We are embracing the collective rebellion against the Clean Girl Aesthetic and the general “uniformity” of rapidly spreading trends. The multiplicity of trends is in: traditionally “ugly” or “clunky” shoes are in, and historically “unattractive” pieces of clothing are markedly interesting and highly fashionable. Plus, clogs are unique! Every fashionista knows that good style is marked by a unique adherence to a kind of “anti-fashion”--just like the phrase “good outfit, weird shoes.” It’s similar to wearing sneakers with a pantsuit, or ballet flats with a sports jersey. It’s markedly different, and it turns heads.

As we gear up for spring soon, we’re looking to clogs for sunshine-y warmth, days in the garden, and sunsets at the park. They’re the perfect shoe — a combination of intentional “ugliness,” unparalleled utility, and tried-and-true confidence-booster — to step into spring with.

Platform Clogs

The most adherent to current trends, platform clogs are similar to chunky mules. They don’t usually have backstraps, so they’re similar to slip-ons or slippers. These don’t have the traditional wooden sole, so they might be easier on the feet, especially if you have flat or wide feet. They also make for a sturdy, flexible, and comfortable walking shoe--you could tramp up city streets, the staircase leading up to your apartment, or the dirt road at your parents’ place with ease.

Clogs with Straps

If you’re concerned about the clogs’ tendency to slip off your foot, we recommend looking into clogs that have straps. Like the platform clogs, you have a sturdy, flexible, and dependable base. As an additional support measure, the straps ensure the steadiness of the heel and arch of your foot. If you’re unsteady on heels, or you find that your ankles roll or collapse, you might want to check out clogs with straps.

Gardening Clogs

Gardening clogs are a bit more athletic than what we imagine traditional clogs might look like. They are usually rubber or a kind of synthetic material as a means for waterproofing (hence, the “garden” clog). They usually have less of a heel, and instead of tread or traction on the soles to maintain comfort and grip. Another distinctive feature of gardening clogs is that they usually do not have wooden soles; again, this is to facilitate ease of movement and comfortability. These clogs are usually more mobile-friendly. While you might’ve seen your mom wear these around the house or your second-grade teacher tramp around in these at recess, they’re a fantastic wardrobe staple. They perfectly emulate “good outfit, weird shoes,” as most people associate them with leisure or housework. Another bonus is that because of their rubber base, they come in many different colors. Which leads us to one of our favorite clog styles…

Colorful Clogs

One of our personal favorites--the colorful clogs. Who said clogs have to be neutral? Colorful clogs can be any of the aforementioned--strappy, gardening, or platform, and we appreciate all pops of color in all of their cloggy manifestations. This elevates the traditional clog, as it makes your outfit even more intentional. Even if they do not necessarily “match” the overall look, they still do the heavy-lifting of unique style and definitive taste. These are especially interesting in conjunction with a more neutral or basic outfit!


If we haven’t been able to convince you yet, perhaps Crocs will. A contemporary spin on the well-loved traditional clog, Crocs are stylish and simple. You might associate Crocs with summer camp or relaxing around the house, which makes their implementation into a stylish outfit assertively unique. Crocs are exceptionally comfortable and breathable; their ventilation makes them useful for the warmer months, but they can be worn with socks, too. (We love the platform Crocs, which mirror the size and curvature of traditional clogs; however, wear what you’re comfortable in!)

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