In the world of skincare, one name has been making waves for its commitment to clean and effective products: Susan Yara. As the founder of Naturium, Susan has become a household name among beauty enthusiasts, thanks to her dedication to providing high-quality skincare that delivers results. But Susan Yara's journey to becoming a skincare maven was not an overnight success.

When asked about herself, Susan said: " I'm the founder of Mixed Makeup, a new women's lifestyle YouTube channel. Check it out after you read this! Before that, I was NewBeauty Magazine's Editorial Video and Interactive Director where I produced and hosted videos featuring top beauty industry experts and products, while overseeing editorial content and social media strategy for NewBeauty.com. I have worked as a beauty reporter and producer for PopSugarTV and as an editor at Totalbeauty.com. My on-camera career started at News12 The Bronx in New York City and continued at Forbes.com where I was a lifestyle reporter/writer and on-camera host. My work has appeared in publications like PEOPLE magazine where I was a freelance reporter for years, New York Post, CNBC.com, Businessweek.com, Yahoo!, AOL, and MSNBC.com. I have also appeared on television and radio shows like MSNBC, Oprah and Friends, Forbes Radio, Fox News, and the Miss America Pageant where I competed as Miss New Mexico 2004".

Past Work Experience

Yara's journey in the beauty industry began long before she became a household name. She is a seasoned beauty expert with a diverse background that laid the foundation for her success. Her past work experience is a testament to her passion for skincare and her relentless pursuit of excellence.

1. Early Career in Beauty Journalism: Susan Yara started her career as a beauty journalist, where she honed her skills in researching and writing about skincare and beauty products. Her ability to simplify complex beauty topics and provide actionable advice quickly garnered her a loyal following.

2. Co-Founder of Mixed Makeup: Before Naturium, Susan co-founded Mixed Makeup, a popular YouTube channel and digital platform dedicated to all things beauty. Through Mixed Makeup, she collaborated with top beauty professionals, sharing tips, tutorials, and product reviews with her engaged audience.

3. Content Creator: Susan Yara is also known for her informative and relatable content on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Her ability to connect with her audience and share her personal experiences with skincare products has made her a trusted influencer in the beauty industry.


Susan Yara's passion for skincare and her desire to provide consumers with high-quality, affordable products led her to found Naturium. Established in 2020, Naturium is a skincare brand that prioritizes clean ingredients, transparency, and science-backed formulations. Susan's role as the founder and CEO of Naturium is central to the brand's success.

1. Clean and Effective Formulations: Under Susan Yara's leadership, Naturium has gained a reputation for its commitment to clean beauty. The brand emphasizes the use of natural, non-toxic ingredients without compromising on the effectiveness of its products. Naturium's formulas are backed by scientific research to ensure they deliver results.

2. Transparency and Education: Susan believes in empowering consumers with knowledge about skincare ingredients and routines. Naturium's website and social media channels are filled with informative content that helps consumers make informed choices about their skincare routines.

3. Product Innovation: Susan Yara and the Naturium team continuously research and develop new products to meet the evolving needs of their customers. From serums and cleansers to moisturizers and sunscreen, Naturium offers a wide range of skincare solutions for different skin types and concerns.

Personal Life

Beyond her career in the beauty industry, Susan Yara is a wife and a mother. She often shares glimpses of her personal life on social media, showcasing her dedication to family and work-life balance. Her authenticity and relatability have endeared her to her audience, making her a role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs and working mothers.

Yara says that her motivation is her son Nikash. There was a time when her life revolved around her career only, and while she loved that, she was getting burnt out and felt like she didn’t have direction. Eventually she decided to start her own company so she could build a life that revolved around work AND her family.

"I’m busier than I have ever been, but I can create my own schedule and I get to work from home often. My clients have also been really accommodating—I even took him on video shoots when he was really little. I also really love knowing I can show him that a strong, empowered woman can also be a great mom. I want to be that example for him".

Photo: courtesy of Susan Yara

Susan Yara's journey from beauty journalism to founding Naturium is a testament to her passion, dedication, and expertise in the skincare industry. She has successfully merged her love for skincare with her commitment to clean beauty, offering consumers effective and affordable products. With her strong presence on social media and her genuine approach to skincare education, Susan Yara has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the beauty world, inspiring countless individuals along the way.


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