Whenever you come across a video or photos of a dream home, there is most definitely a pool included but what if we told you more builders and homeowners are leaning towards something different in backyards? Something more cost effective, made for a smaller area, and for the more chic and clean look. A plunge pool is your way to go! They can be concrete, in ground, above ground, and since they're a lot smaller the shape is easier to manipulate and play with.

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People aren't spending as much time at home now so a quick dip is normally the way to go, not to mention saving thousands of dollars in size and functionality. It's also the perfect size to make you feel secure if you want to just float – an outdoor tub if you will. The designs are more simplistic and catered towards being economically and environmentally friendly, you can actually even DIY one if you aren't a fan of the price you're quoted.

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Some homeowners just don't want a huge pool taking over their backyard, but rather a relaxing pit whether that be a cocktail dip to have your feet in while sipping on a drink, floating in a meditative state, or using it as an ice bath! Not just homes, but resorts have included plunge pools in certain rooms for guests to enjoy a dip whenever they'd please. Have we all seen at least one video of a villa in Bali that has a plunge pool right outside the room?

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