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If you're into clean makeup, you've had to have seen Merit Beauty on social media. Light brown signature bag, minimalist packaging, and one staple product per category...ring a bell? Merit Beauty is a makeup minimalists dream come true. Earler this year we sat down with Aila Morin (Merit's CMO), to ask her a little more about what goes on when building a brand like Merit.  Unlike other makeup companies, Merit doesn't have many launches. Instead, they believe that less is more. We had the opportunity to try some of their products and share what we think.

Read on to find out which products we chose, in which shades, and our very honest feedback.

Signature Bag - 728x90

Why We Love this Clean Makeup Brand

As women in our 20's and 30's, we've been heavily focused on clean-ifying our lives in all aspects: diet, skincare, makeup, clothing, and Merit was unquestionable when we saw their formulations and mission. As someone who isn't a "makeup person", their line of products is perfection for me. I don't wear makeup on a daily basis and if I do have to put some on (sans event), I'm not big anything heavy coverage or matte, and absolutely need simple products. Ding ding ding! Merit central. Their goal is to be the antidote to the overwhelming world of beauty by simplifying what it takes to get ready. You really can't mess it up!

5 Min (or less) Makeup Routine

Jasmine’s easy routine



Sheenu's picks

Flush Balm in beverly hills:  I'm in love with a "glowing to the gods" look where not a single spot on my face is matte. I know, I probably sound crazy to most people. The flush balm gives me that perfect sun kissed look and I feel like it's impossible to overdo it or even mess it up, I mean I blend it in with my fingers — sorry to any makeup gurus reading this.

Signature Lip in classic: I absolutely love when lipsticks look like a slight tint and not too much. I have a habit of putting it on then wiping it off so there's just enough. This gives me that look without the need to blot off!

Shade Slick in taupe: I knew I wasn't going to be the biggest fan of the shade slick because I don't prefer anything glossy on my lips but I will say, it's sure got a buttery texture.

Day Glow in bounce: I gave this to my mom because of how much she loved how it looked on my skin, that should tell you everything you need to know. If you don't want to wear anything else on your face, put this on the higher points and boom, you've got an instant glow.

Clean Lash Lengthening mascara: I love this, it's replaced my tried and true holy grail Loreal. Having genetically long lashes, I never really care for lengthening, but more so a natural depth added to my lash line.

Brow 1980 Volumizing Pomade (black): I wasn't blessed with full brows, rather two with bald spots, so the volumizing pomade is actually ah-mazing! When I need to walk out of the door, I can brush that through my brows and it gives them a tint + keeps them in place (who doesn't love great looking brows?).

Jasmine's picks

Flush Balm in Stockholm: this is the perfect shade for an everyday blush. During the day time, I'll apply only this to my cheeks and for the evening, I'll use this first, followed by a powder blush to intensify the look.

Signature Lip in Maison: if there was 1 lip color that I could wear for the rest of my lip, it would be this one. I hardly have to use much product and it always looks stunning. If I prefer a bolder look, I'll fill in the entire lip otherwise I use the edge of the lipstick as a lip liner.

The Minimalist Complexion Stick in Bisque: I'm not a foundation girl especially in the summer so I use this sparingly where I need it the most — as a concealer underneath my eyes. I would recommend getting 1 shade lighter if you're going to use it under your eyes vs all over the face.

Bronze Balm Sheer Bronzer in Leo: This product is the definition of no makeup, makeup. The way that this bronzer blends, no one will ever guess that you have product on. I typically use this on my cheeks and nose, followed by a setting powder.

Bianca's picks

The Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Stick in Sand: This product is great for anyone looking for a little coverage. I love throwing this on when I want to look more put together but don’t want a full face of makeup.

Flush Balm in Cheeky: Obsessed is an understatement with this blush. I love how creamy this product is and how it looks on the skin.

Shade Slick The Gelées in Les Deux: This lip product is one of my favorites. I love the glossy look it leaves and the pigment is just right.

BTW: watch her 5 minute makeup routine

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