With the start of a new year, many of us are fueled with enthusiasm to kickstart healthy habits. Prioritizing moving our bodies is often at the top of our list of to-dos, and what better way to begin than by incorporating a stylish and functional fitness routine into your home? But, don’t simply run to Amazon or TikTok shop to find new equipment or outfits—a new routine, no matter whether it’s focused on fitness or otherwise, is about intentionality. And that’s exactly what IKEA's latest DAJLIEN collection channels. 

In a limited collection of 19 products that aim to revolutionize your at-home workouts, IKEA is offering a range of workout essentials that seamlessly blend with contemporary home decor. At-home fitness rose during COVID and continues to be a popular choice for many—but this collection provides a more chic alternative to doing pushups on your couch cushions. Being that there are so many challenges that come from trying to prioritize exercise from your home, such as lack of space, time, or motivation, IKEA’s collection aims to make working out at home both accessible and comfortable. 

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or looking for a refresh, these fitness items can be the perfect catalyst for your new year's resolution to prioritize health and wellness. While IKEA’s collection as a whole has great additions to make your new routine, here is our list of the products that truly shine.

DAJLIEN Bench with Storage

If there’s only one item you can get from the DAJLIEN collection, make it this storage bench. Any area in your home can transform into a fitness space with this storage box that doubles as a workout bench. It will easily store all of your workout essentials while making for a stylish seating area or coffee table. It is the perfect item for a clutter-free and organized workout area that also complements your home decor.

DAJLIEN Training Weight Rings

The DAJLIEN Training Weights, a standout component of IKEA's innovative fitness collection, aim to bring simplicity and effectiveness to your home workouts. Crafted from durable cast iron, each weight weighs 3 kg, making them versatile additions to your exercise routine. These training weights empower you to target various muscle groups, particularly strengthening arm and back muscles. (Psst! They’re also a great dupe for the super popular Bala power ring!)

DAJLIEN Exercise Mat

This shock-absorbing mat boasts a softly rounded shape and is made from thick natural rubber topped with mesh fabric, meaning you’ll stay comfortable and supported during your workout. This mat is easy to roll up, so you can store it anywhere or take it with you for a workout class or exercise outdoors. With such a simple design, this mat can also be used as a rug for your bedroom or living room.

DAJLIEN Valet Stand

The DAJLIEN Valet Stand is a stylish and versatile addition to any home that makes a great space saver with its compact design. Beyond its primary role as an organizer for workout essentials, you can use it in any room to store bags or other items, hang clothes, or prep your outfit for the day. 

DAJLIEN Utility Cart

Another storage essential is the DAJLIEN utility cart with its modern design that ensures your fitness gear is accessible while not creating an eye sore in your home. It’s perfect for storing exercise mats, water bottles, weights, and resistance bands. As a moveable trolley, you can easily transport your items wherever you choose to workout, be it from your living room or backyard. 

DAJLIEN 4-Piece Exercise Set

This four-piece set caters to a range of exercise preferences and fitness levels. Whether you're focusing on strength training or incorporating cardio elements, you’ll find helpful tools such as knee cushions, a small massage ball, and yoga straps to assist you before, during, and after your workout. It also comes with a practical storage bag to keep everything together. This set is especially great for yoga or pilates enthusiasts who want to relieve tension while improving flexibility!

As you step into the new year with renewed resolutions, the IKEA DAJLIEN collection can join you on your health and wellness journey. Any of these fitness essentials will elevate your home workouts, creating a space that not only fits into the aesthetics of your home but also nurtures your physical well-being.

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