Summer has finally arrived, but unfortunately not all of us will be found lounging by the poolside cabana, margarita in hand (unless that’s your preferred kind of work-from-home environment, which we definitely applaud). Despite the heavenly weather, some of us might indeed be found in a dark room, hunched over a laptop in our favorite sweats, speed-working to make up for the time we distractedly binge-watched the new season of Bridgerton on accident. Or maybe not. But there are ways have a hot girl summer while balancing your girlbossery, and it’ll take a mix of time management, prioritization, and stellar on-trend outfits to get us there.

Build a routine


Figure out ironclad rituals that allow you to relax, unwind, and prepare for whatever plans you may have at the beginning and end of each day. This can be as simple as reading the paper over a cup of coffee, or listening to soothing, lo-fi music before bed. Routines add structure to your day, which enhances productivity — and that secret thing you feel when your life is... put together. love using the amply-named Five Minute Journal to record my goals, manifestations, and tasks for the day. 

Plan, plan everything


Yes, while you might not want to wake up at 8am in the middle of July to open an Excel spreadsheet, it might be the difference between you catching or not catching a beachside cocktail by sunset. After enjoying the early-morning sunshine and a soothing cup of coffee, make time to schedule your work in-between al-fresco brunches and late-night bonfires. Planners, small enough to fit into your work or beach tote, come particularly in handy — Papier has some adorable mid-year ones that come in summer pastels like lilac, peach, and baby blue. Lily Pulitzer’s has tabs to help you keep track of your months, and space to write out your goals. 

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Make you time

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While FOMO might pressure you to tag along to every dinner party, or dance night, it can be easy to feel like your schedule’s getting hectic with back-to-back professional and personal commitments. Be sure to find time to lay back and recharge yourself, without being obligated to anybody. That way, you can devote your full energy to your work or your friends later. Our ideas? Baths, medication, yoga, listening to music, doing a face mask, or putting on your favorite TV show. Try thisworks' deep sleep bath soak, filled with soothing lavender salts to help you rest and rejuvenate, or Youth To The People’s Hydrate + Glow mask to get your skin perked up and dewey for summer.

But don't forget to have fun

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All work and no play makes Jackie a dull gal. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the long days and warm evenings to get out on the town – on your own schedule. Sunrise yoga, lunch picnics, tennis matches, country fairs, gallery openings, drive-in movies, and outdoor concerts could all be on the menu. Always make an excuse to break out of your leggings (or pencil skirts) with those short skirts and sundresses in the back of your closet. CottonOn and Urban Outfitters have some gorgeous flowy frocks — be sure to pair them with on-trend cowboy boots, kitten heels, or strappy flat sandals. 

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