Earlier this year we experienced the grandiosity of indulgence and a cultural bend towards the opulent, luxurious, and rich. The trend cycle is lending itself towards extravagance in all aspects of expression. Join us as we explore our favorite extension of the luxury-studded 2024 trend cycle: nails. Follow along for inspo, commentary, and recommendations to up your nail game this spring.


Velvet, cheetah print, and 3-D design are taking the stage. Any and all designs are on the table, with a marked tendency towards extravagance. Chrome looks are especially dominating the textured arena right now, considering the trendiness of silver, color analyses, and utilizing color to enhance natural features. Notice the varied textures and colors; notice how they add a flair of panache, playful femininity, and intentionality.


Funky color combos

Think jelly chrome is a callback to Y2K and early childhood for Gen Zers. With a majority of Gen Z officially entering the workforce, there’s a kind of nostalgia wrapped up in the beginning of summertime, as evident in nail and fashion trends.


These are aura nails, which are a unique spin on traditional ombre. They're a trendy way to experiment with contrasts and nail art, especially if you've been used to simple, traditional looks.

Short nails

The resurrection of the working woman. Short nails are sexy, practical, and in. Say goodbye to long, cumbersome nails: hello, short chic! Check out these simple, classic staples for your monthly manicure.

Spring Colors

The colors dominating spring 2024 fashion: mint, periwinkle, buttercup, and glacial blue--what better way to embody the refreshing, renewing nature of spring? Timeless. Bold, yet professional.

Static Nails

Coquette style

The trendiness of coquette style isn’t leaving anytime soon. Spring nails are embracing the trend via bows, soft pinks, glitter, glam, and hearts--all things nail art. This is another callback to 3-D nail designs, whimsical adornments, and the trend cycle's espousal of traditional femininity.


Square tips

In addition to short nails making a comeback, square tips are also hot right now. Similar to the funky color combos and designs, square tips are a nod to early 2000’s nostalgia, a brief indulgence in a rose-tinted past. Granted, square tips are decently controversial: because almond has commandeered the nail sphere, square tips feel like a jarring trend. But, we know that the most stylish fashionistas seek intentional contrast, a pop of curated quirk. Square nails might be the statement piece of your outfit.

A classy French tip, but with a trendy, straight-edge spin

This spring's nail trends are dominated by fun-loving and summer-seeking childhood nostalgia. Have fun, use your imagination, and make your nails reflective of your femininity, creativity, and warmth.

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