Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails have taken over social media and everyone has their own twist to it. The new skincare brand creator has always been known for her glowy clean look but she's definitely proved to be very much happening in the category of nails. She rarely strays away from her signature look and has become known for this shine! These nails have an iridescent chrome look that mimics the glaze of a donut (go figure huh). The great thing is, the look can be used on acrylics, gel-x, and even natural nails regardless of any length. 

Initially nobody knew the actual colors so nail gurus and Hailey’s fans were guesstimating it to be a combination of a few. The first combination was thought to be OPI Funny Bunny topped with OPI tin man powder and Mrs.Bieber's fans definitely went all out, as both polish and powder were completely sold out for a while.

Soon after, the queen herself took it upon TikTok to post a video of her nail process with nail artist Zola Ganzorigt, with the caption "Here’s my nail combo 👀 the 🔑 is to mix whatever color you choose with clear polish to thin it out✨". How amazing of her to not gatekeep her treasure! Zola begins with mixing the OPI polish with a clear coat and we're assuming curing it under the UV shade lamp as it's not filmed. The next tip is the wonder of the world everyone needs -- to apply OPI's Chrome Effects in Tin Man Can with a mini foam tip make up applicator.

Now that you know the secret you can tell your nail tech exactly which shades you'd like next time! Or better yet, get creative and experiment at home with your natural nails. We've found some great OPI shades that could be used to achieve that same chrome look, sometimes a bit milkier white, other times nude.

OPI Bubble Bath — sheer soft pink cream with a very slight lilac hue

OPI Baby, Take a Vow — blushing pink

OPI Beyond the Pale Pink — sheer milky pink

OPI Funny Bunny — milky white

We've also got you covered with this perfect Tin Man Can dupe.

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