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When we think about powerhouse women, Amanda Hesser has to be on the list. Amanda Hesser is the CEO of Food52 (worth $100 million) and an author of 3 cookbooks. On Food52, you can find recipes, cookware, gifts, appliances, and so much more.

This is Amanda's morning routine:

"Because I sleep through any alarm, my husband, Tad, kindly wakes me up. That's usually around 6:45 a.m. I'm glacially slow to wake, so I can't just hop out of bed.

After I finally open my eyes, which takes five to ten minutes (my eyelids feel so heavy!), I like to read the news on my phone to get my brain engaged. Once I manage to slide myself out of bed (which is usually when I hear Tad's footfalls coming toward our room to check on me), I drink a large glass of water. This wakes up my sense. I've also convinced myself that it washes away any impurities from sleep.

Tad makes our ten-year-old twins breakfast and reads aloud to them while they eat; I'm usually ambling into the kitchen at about this time. I make our kids' lunches and listen to whatever story is in progress; right now it's The Lord of the Rings. I don’t answer email first thing, but I usually check it while I’m making the kids’ lunch - I want to see if there are any fires to put out or cancellations that may affect my schedule. Then I save the rest for the subway.

Before showering, I spend 5-10 minutes doing a yoga stretch routine that Tad made up based on a bunch of yoga videos we use. When I first started doing this, I could barely touch my toes; now I can sit on the ground and put my head to my knee (which, if you can’t already tell, I’m unreasonably proud of because I’ve never been very limber). This little stretch routine has become an invaluable part of preparing myself for the day.The last fifteen minutes of getting ready usually involve me running late and scrambling out the door with kids in tow and bags and sunglasses not quite on.

If I'm going directly to the office, I pick up a croissant and decaf coffee with soy milk. Let's not discuss the decaf or the soy milk; both depress me but are necessary. I much prefer breakfast meetings to lunch meetings, so when I meet someone for breakfast I order two poached eggs, toast with butter, orange juice, and coffee. I like blunt, wholesome foods in the morning. Lunch and dinner are for whimsy."

From the book My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired, by Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander. Copyright © 2018 by Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander. Published by arrangement with Portfolio, a division of Penguin Random House LLC.


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