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To those who prefer crisp air to a humid sun, or fashion-statement boots to neon sandals—fall is finally here! And along with it is everyone’s favorite word this time of the year—cozy. Watching leaves fall and seeing a thousand apple crisp recipes on your timeline is enough to make anyone crave that coziness that fall is synonymous with. So while you’re putting on your fluffy slippers or cardigan or grabbing a steaming latte, check out these romance books that are perfect for making you feel warm and fuzzy and well…cozy!

1. November 9 by Colleen Hoover

Fallon and Ben have undeniable chemistry from their first meeting—but Fallon is supposed to move across the country and Ben has dreams of being a writer. So they meet up every year on the same day (you guessed it—November 9th) in an experiment, then return to their separate lives after with no contact whatsoever…until Fallon isn’t sure if their relationship is fact or fiction. If you enjoy books with charming characters, adorable banter, and emotional twists, this one’s for you.

2. The Modern Girl’s Guide to Magic by Linsey Hall

Self-proclaimed “magical disaster” Aria must return home to Charming Cove in order to win the competition that will save her family’s potion shop. But her mess of powers and a swoon-worthy mage Callan make this easier said than done—especially when she’s hated him since, like, forever. This one’s perfect for those who love witchy-vibes, feel-good romance, and enemies-to-lovers.

3. A Proposal They Can’t Refuse by Natalie Caña

Kamilah and Liam each have their own dreams. For Kamilah, it’s to save her family’s Puerto Rican restaurant by entering it into the Fall Foodie tour. For Liam, it’s winning a national competition with his grandfather and the whiskey distillery they’ve poured their hearts into. But after tragic news, their grandfathers only agree to keep the building that holds both businesses because Kamilah and Liam get married…or so they think. Funny and heartfelt, you will adore these characters that leap off the page with their fake engagement that becomes so much more.

4. You, Again by Kate Goldbeck

You’ve heard of love at first sight—but in this fresh and witty novel, Ari and Josh feel the opposite after their first meeting…they hate one another. Ari is a comedian who lacks commitment and Josh is a career-focused romantic, which means they have absolutely nothing in common. But years later, amidst their own heartbreaks and disappointments, they find a few less reasons to hate each other—ones that blossom into a budding new friendship, and possibly more.


5. The Dead Romantics by Poston

If you like romance and ghosts, this will be your new favorite read. For ghostwriter Florence, love is dead. Unfortunately, so is her father. So when Florence must return home despite a handsome new editor causing her career to be on the line, she finds herself torn between leaving or staying for her hometown’s warm Southern charm and the people who misunderstand her. But, when her new editor makes a (quite literal) ghostly appearance at her family’s funeral parlor, Florence’s unfinished business gets a whole lot messier.

Fall in love with these autumnal romance books! They're like a warm, pumpkin-spiced latte for your heart, providing cozy moments that'll make you swoon faster than a crisp breeze. For a relaxed night in, grab your fuzziest blanket and get ready to snuggle up with these page-turners. Love is in the air, and it smells like cinnamon and happiness!

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