Whether you adore or despise it, it's undeniable that a bag has become the most iconic accessory to add to one's outfit, especially given the number of celebrities "it-girls" like Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratakowski seen with the hottest bags of the year. That's why there's no better way to determine the perfect addition to your wardrobe than by achieving an Instagram-worthy picture with the ideal purse included. A handbag is essential to carry daily, whether big or small, trendy or classic. It helps us store our essentials and adds the perfect finishing touch to our outfits. Sometimes having only one ideal style can be enough, but having many options is also exciting.

With that in mind, let's explore the essential handbag styles that will continue to impact in 2024 and beyond significantly. Below, you will discover the various silhouettes worth considering and the specific bags to watch for within each category. If you're contemplating investing in a new bag, you'll also find shopping recommendations from esteemed brands such as Saint Laurent, Coach, and Marc Jacobs. Rest assured, we understand your desire to find the perfect bag that resonates with your style.

Styles featured:

  • Colorful Shoulder Bags
  • Top Handle Bags
  • Cardgo, Multi-pocket Bags
  • Leather Totes
  • Carryalls

Small Colorful Shoulders

Out of all the styles available, shoulder bags offer the most versatility. As a timeless choice, I always strive to find a shoulder bag that stands out from the rest, like Jacquemus has given its much-loved 'Le Bisou Ceinture' a fresh update in the season's latest color, especially as the colder months progress.

Like the Le Bisou Ceinture, Gucci’s Horsebit Chain small shoulder offers that same hot chili pepper red color, one of this season's new trending bags, or their iconic Horsebit 1955 collection that provides a variety of shoulder selections that give versatile looks.

Small-to-Medium Top Handles

An open-ended trend is fascinating because it allows personal expression to shine through in your everyday style wardrobe. Regarding top-handle bags, the possibilities are endless and entirely up to you as they carry miniature briefcases in an all-encompassing chic add-on to any workwear look. You can choose a higher-priced option like Saint Laurent's Mini Cassandra leather top handle for a play-it-safe classic design or Olga Berg's Ivy Curved bag for a much cheaper and more creative option.

Alternatively, you can choose a squarish shape reminiscent of a briefcase like Saint Laurent's Sac de Jour, as this model is much larger, or a practical novelty like Coach's Sammy top handle for a boxier look and this orange for a pop of color. The beauty of this trend is that it can be effortlessly combined with other style trends. The limitless options allow you to find the perfect top-handle bag that speaks to your style and personality.

Medium Cargo, Multi-pockets

I understand how frustrating it can be to rummage through your purse, searching for your chapstick, keys, or mints. You can now attach mini "cargo bags" to the outside of your purse, creating a midsize multi-pocket shoulder bag similar to the pockets on cargo pants. Prada has been doing this forever with its signature nylon bags that are made to last. Desigual's Midsize leather pocket shoulder bag is the perfect on-budget alternative to Miu Miu's Nappa bag; if one likes the aesthetic over the brand, either is a go-to.

Makeup Eraser

Medium-to-Large Leather Totes

It's important to remember that the tote bag didn't just magically appear as a must-have accessory. It took time to gain popularity and become a staple for many people. But now, it's hard to imagine going anywhere without one. And why wouldn't you want to carry one? They're so easy to use and allow for endless self-expression.

The beauty of a tote bag is that it's like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with your unique personality. You can showcase your interests, beliefs, and passions on one fabric piece. The possibilities are endless, whether you prefer a subtle design like The Row's Margeaux 17 buckled leather tote or something bold and eye-catching like Marc Jacob's large leather tote bag. It's no wonder this accessory has become a beloved item transcending generations

Large Carryalls

Like totes, a stylish and versatile carryall bag is not just a desire but a necessity. Understanding the value of a spacious carryall bag complements any outfit. It can effortlessly accommodate all your belongings while maintaining a polished appearance, like Acne Studio’s tote or Saint Laurent’s Rive Gauche large leather tote for a refined business look.

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