Apparently every successful person has a morning routine that consists of waking up at 5-6 am, working out, and doing a ton of other activites which prepare them for the day. But of course, waking at 5 am may not be ideal for you if you're working until 12 am. A morning routine should be personal to you and your lifestyle. In fact, testing and creating your perfect morning routine is proven to boost productivity. Hal Elrod, author of "The Miracle Morning" said, “Focused, productive, successful mornings generate focused, productive, successful days–which inevitably create a successful life.”

Below are some ideas for creating your ideal morning.

  1. Meditate: try a mediation app like Calm or Headspace if you need help getting started
  2. Go for a walk outdoors: getting some fresh air in the morning will help you naturally wake up
  3. Brush your teeth immediately: do this before you eat anything
  4. Drink lemon water: drinking lemon water has a ton of benefits like helping with digestion and keeps you hydrated
  5. Go through your email: get a head start on the important emails and address them immediately
  6. Wake up 1 hour before you need to log in or be somewhere: start the mornings slow and allow yourself to have some time so that you're not rushing
  7. Set 3 daily goals to work on for the day: don't overwhelm yourself with 10+ tasks; instead focus on 3
  8. Read: set a goal to read for 10 minutes or 10 pages per day—that can add up to about 1 million words per year!
  9. Put on a playlist: Spotify has morning playlists called Morning Vibes and Soft Morning. Find one that fits your morning mood.
  10. Clean your physical space: make your bed and keep it clean. Having a clean space can help your mental health.
  11. Do yoga or some form of exercise: whether that's 50 jumping jacks, stretching, or an actual workout. Get your body moving!
  12. Gratitude journal: writing down what you're grateful for can be life changing. Check this one out: The Five Minute Journal
  13. Consume content for 30 minutes: rather then spending time throughout the day, set aside 30 minutes in the morning to consume content online
  14. Do something creative: work on writing, painting, candle making or whatever creative activity that brings you joy
  15. Pick 1 most important task and work on that: make this 1 task that's difficult or that you've been putting off. when you get it done, you'll feel better
  16. Interact on social media: set time aside to comment and like accounts in the morning; this can be key if you're a content creator
  17. Make your bed: this is a perfect way to close the previous night and mentally prepare yourself for the day
  18. Have protein: start with a protein smoothie or a protein packed breakfast. Starting your day with protein helps with weightloss and energy levels
  19. Wake up at the same time everyday: this will help your body get into a routine and eventally you may not need an alarm
  20. Have coffee after you eat something: avoid coffee on an empty stomach

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