In a world that’s so fast-paced, we could all use a perfect night in to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Whether it’s Monday and the weekend can’t seem to come fast enough, or it’s your last night before returning to work or school for the week, planning a night of indulgence is a great way to perk yourself up and have something exciting to look forward to. In our hectic lives, carving out time for self-care is a gift that we should grant ourselves more often. Your night in is all about you, and in this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to creating the ultimate pampering session.

Set the Scene

The right atmosphere is paramount in creating your relaxing retreat at home. If you plan to spend the night in the living room for a movie marathon or to binge your comfort show, arrange your space with fuzzy blankets and pillows to snuggle into. If spending the night in bed is more your style, take the time to wash your sheets and comforter sometime during the week beforehand along with making the bed—a clean, inviting space will allow your mind to relax as soon as you step into your home. Don’t forget to dim the lights as well, and set out candles to create a warm, soft-light experience that will immediately make any space all the more cozy.

Consider Unplugging

Maybe you have a billion emails to catch up on, or one of your family members won’t stop texting you. Consider putting your phone, tablet, or laptop away for the night so you can focus on you without the sound of constant notifications. At the very least, put your devices on silent and check in every once in a while. If you want to completely commit to leaving the digital world behind, escape reality with an immersive book, or try a meditation session to positively reflect on yourself and your life.

Indulge in Your Favorite Food

The perfect night isn’t truly perfect without a meal or snack you love. Maybe this is whipping up a bowl of homemade pasta, or maybe it’s ordering takeout from that hole-in-the-wall down the street or even a pizza that will leave you with leftovers for days. Customize your night to whatever you’re craving—and save room for dessert. Spend a little extra for a decadent piece of cake if you’re a chocoholic. Even a bowl of fruit with caramel drizzle on top will satisfy the need for a sweet treat.

Find Your Beauty Ritual

Investing in yourself means investing in your skin. For your perfect night in, take all the time you want to pamper your skin. That 10-step skincare routine you saw on your feed? Try it out! Wash away your makeup thoroughly with this silky cleansing oil from Tatcha. Nourish your skin with ceramides like those in this serum by Glow Recipe and give your skin the moisture it craves with products touting ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. Don’t forget to give your lips some love with a lip mask or balm. Finish your ritual off with a face mask that will take care of your skin while you sleep. Whether your goal is to brighten your skin, tighten pores, or hydrate all around, there are endless options of products to find that will work best for you.

Care for Your Hair

No matter how many times you washed your hair in the past week, you probably did the standard shampoo and conditioner, rinse then repeat. Why not take your night in to give your hair the TLC it deserves? Start with a pre-wash scalp oil, like this one from Fable and Mane. Let it work its magic on your scalp 10-15 minutes before your shower, or use a massager to gently exfoliate your scalp. Besides your other cleansing hair products, assess how your hair and scalp have been feeling and find a hair mask that will address those concerns. From hydrating masks to ones for damaged hair, this step will have your hair thanking you for giving it a little extra love.

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The Iconic Bubble Bath

If you really want to relax, take a bubble bath, anecdotally known to fade away all of your worries. But, don’t just take any bubble bath—go all out with it by popping in some fun bath bombs or a bubbling bath soap. To take extra care of your skin, invest in delicious-smelling bath oils or even try Epsom salts to relieve any aching muscles and rejuvenate your body. Place candles around the tub or room for extra ambiance. Take this time to sit back and relax your head on a fluffy towel. Or maybe you want to delve into that book you’ve yet to start or bring in a warm drink or food such as a homemade charcuterie board to feel both relaxed and luxurious. The choice is yours!

Create a Cozy Fit

Your fit is arguably one of the most important aspects of your perfect night in. The right outfit will put you in a laid-back mood and let you feel oh-so-cozy as you prepare to pamper yourself. Pick soft, breathable fabrics like cotton and loose, comfy silhouettes. A simple pair of sweatpants and a hoodie will do the trick, or you could consider this Skim’s body suit dupe and pair it with a cardigan. A complete matching set like this one here will have you feeling extra ready to indulge for the night.

Ensure the Best Sleep

Once you’ve finished your skincare or put away any leftovers, take a few extra steps to prepare for a good night’s rest that will have you feeling amazing by morning. Turn on a fan or set the temperature lower in your bedroom—the best temperature for falling and remaining asleep is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a calming spray like This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray as a natural relaxation aid. Find a calming playing or podcast to listen to when you drift off. And, for an extra touch of luxury, spritz a little bit of perfume on yourself and your pajamas before you wind down for the night.

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