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With the holiday season upon us, you might be checking off your list of everything you need in your wardrobe—you’re curating outfits for festive dinners and events with complementing footwear, finding glittering jewelry to layer with, and stocking up on makeup essentials to pull all of your looks together. If you’re like me, perfumes might become an afterthought, especially when there is an overwhelming selection to choose from. Luckily, fall scents can be versatile—from cozy gourmands to spicy florals to the juiciest fruit aromas, this guide is full of head-turning fragrances that will leave an unforgettable trail wherever you go and have everyone asking what you’re wearing.

Giardini Di Toscana Bianco Latte

If you’ve seen any TikToker’s favorite perfumes for the season, Bianco Latte is bound to be at the top, and for good reason, too. With notes of caramel, honey, vanilla, and white musk, this scent smells of warm milk and white chocolate and is a great layering scent. It’s guaranteed to be love at first sniff.

Killian Angel’s Share

Angel’s Share by Killian is a smoky, boozy apple pie scent with coordinating notes of cinnamon, oak, and sandalwood. It has amazing longevity and comes in the most gorgeous crystalline bottle. This delicious perfume is perfect for any night event.

Maison Margiela Replica Autumn Vibes

This perfume’s name is self-explanatory—it practically shouts fall with its smoky and woody layers. Pick this scent if you want to smell like you’re enjoying a relaxing walk in the woods, with dry leaves crunching underfoot and a crisp breeze surrounding you.

Maison Margiela Replica By the Fireplace

A more unisex scent, this fragrance is a fall staple for many. It has a strong wood and smoke aroma upon first spray but dries down to a creamier and nuttier version of itself with hints of vanilla. This scent is great to wear for autumn and well into winter.

Commodity Milk

Commodity is a unique fragrance house with three versions of each scent that correspond to your preferred projection: personal, expressive, and bold. All iterations of milk are lactonic scents with hints of warm, sticky marshmallows. Milk Personal is more understated and fresh, while Milk Expressive ramps up the woodiness and incorporates sweet tonka bean. If you want a spicier, darker scent that’s still saccharine, Milk Bold is your go-to.

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid exudes a spicy, feminine aura, but also has a freshness from its notes of florals and patchouli that ultimately dries down creamy and powdery. If you’re a fan of the original Tom Ford Black Orchid, this scent is a bit sweeter and far less overwhelming.

Clean Reserve Skin

After a whiff of Clean Reserve Skin, you won’t be able to get enough. This scent is warm and delicate, opening with notes of musk, vanilla, honeysuckle, and orange blossom. A personal favorite of mine, this fragrance is the perfect everyday scent and is even better for layering with your other perfumes.

Kayali Eden Juicy Apple

Fresh, floral, fruity, and juicy—if these notes are what you long to smell like, then look no further. This fragrance has middle and base notes of raspberry, jasmine, and vanilla, adding a sweet depth. Kayali’s Eden Juicy Apple is refreshing and bright, like that first bite into a crisp apple.

Kayali Vanilla 28

Kayali Vanilla 28 is a warm gourmand that is perfect as a vanilla scent on its own or to layer other scents with. It has a cloying sweetness that lingers, reminiscent of brown sugar with a touch of booziness. This one will have you smelling good enough to eat!

L'Artisan Parfumeur

Phlur Somebody Wood

Phlur’s cleverly named Somebody Wood is warm, sensual, and bright. It’s definitely on the more unisex side, but lasts all day long on the skin. For those who love woody, ambery scents and aesthetic bottles, this perfume is a true vibe.

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle

Another selection for fruity fragrance lovers—La Belle by Jean Paul Gaultier is sweet concoction of pear and vanilla. Vetiver and saffron lend a sophisticated and feminine feel to this lush perfume, making it incredibly versatile for the office, a date, or daily errands.

Chloe Nomade

Chloe’s Nomade is a great all around fragrance. It’s a refreshing, fruity floral with notes freesia, plum, and oakmoss. Its dry-down is more powdery, with hints of wood and musk that make it perfect for fall weather. 

YSL Libre Intense

Our guide rounds out with the intense version of Yves Saint Laurent's iconic fragrance Libre. It’s a sweet, floral scent with notes of lavender, ginger, and vanilla bourbon. This scent is more complex than the original Libre with the added tonka bean making it a richer gourmand version of its predecessor.

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