What makes us a silver or gold girly? Interestingly, our preference for one tone of jewelry over another is dependent on a lot of different factors. For some of us, gold or silver might be passed down from late relatives or bedazzled grandmothers. For others of us, silver or gold might hold a strong cultural significance, and jewelry becomes a medium to explore and connect with culture. Sometimes, we just have a preference. Whichever your reason for choosing one over the other, we’re here to give you recommendations, inspiration, or maybe a push to incorporate silver and gold…at once!

For the Gold Girls

A gold jewelry preference might be marked by warmer skin undertones and darker features (like brown or black hair, dark eyes, darker eyebrows). One of the best ways to determine your undertones is to check out your veins: if they’re green in color, your skin has warmer undertones. If they’re bluish or purple, you likely have cooler undertones. 

Here are some of our favorite gold recommendations--for the luxurious and budget-friendly alike.


Linjer's Locket Necklace

For a budget-friendly, timeless style--and one that's focused on intentional collection, their style emphasizes classic gold pieces. They prioritize sustainability and reuse, and that's evident through their focus on ethical sourcing and production.

Local Eclectic

Local Eclectic's Bezel Set Ring

For more statement-oriented gold pieces, Local Eclectic is an unparalleled and affordable company. They host different jewelers, each with unique styles and intentions, on their site--expect new drops frequently.


Catbird's Short Pearl Shower Earring

Catbird is a more luxurious brand, with an emphasis on traditional New York City chic. The NYC-based company has its finger on the pulse of high-end jewelry trends. They have classic gold pieces, but are also interested in gold charms (hello, charm necklaces!) and other more contemporary trends.

For the Silver Girls

For the cooler undertones--ladies, can we hear it for silver?! Silver is a classic, tried-and-true tone. It pairs especially well with lighter features: lighter hair tone, lighter eye color. Silver is known to be cheaper and more durable than gold jewelry, so it’s especially loved by people who prefer to wear their jewelry all the time. (We’re looking at you, jewelry showerers!) Here are some of our favorite silver jewelry brands.


Mejuri's Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet

Mejuri is a well-loved brand known for its commitment to everyday elegance. Although their pieces aren't necessarily "high-end," they're a worthwhile investment, considering their quality, durability, and beauty.


Eliou's Eloise Wrap Necklace

Eliou is committed to decadence on a budget. It has silver pieces that are bold--still for everyday wear--but that leave a notable impression. Think stackable, rounded, trendily unconventional.

For the Experimental Gals: Silver + Gold

Luckily, if you have a hard time committing to just one metal, mixing jewelry tones is hot right now. It’s an eye-catcher: a stunning and bold bridge between two “warring” metals. You're the peace-maker, the trail-blazer, the jewelry wearer...not just the jewelry owner. Here is some inspo for mixing and matching your gold and silver pieces.


Go for it. Stack gold on top of silver; throw one silver ring on your hand that's decked out in gold. Be bold. It's an intentionality that goes beyond wearing your jewelry--you're saying 'Yes! I decided to "clash" today! Isn't it cool?!'

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Here's a more "how-to" equation for mixing metals. Use anchor pieces in order to establish the look as intentional and contemporary, and use smaller pieces to complete the "mix-and-match" look.


Don't be afraid to use chunky pieces in conjunction with each other. Check out these gold and silver rings that look absolutely phenomenal together!


Cultural significance

An important aspect of jewelry-wearing is recognizing its expressionistic qualities. It conveys certain values, beyond aesthetics, that are important to note here. Certain cultures and religious groups have traditionally esteemed some pieces, fits, and types of jewelry over others. For instance, a common example is the Christian espousal of the “cross” to symbolize devotion to their faith. It would be an injustice and gross oversimplification to explore all cultural and religious ties to jewelry, as each deserves equal attention and space. We’ll cover a few of the most popular trends that have significant cultural ties, just to get you thinking about the evocation of jewelry you choose to wear. 

Hamsa: A word that roots in Hebrew and Arabic, the Hamsa symbol is important for both Islamic and Jewish people. It's meant to symbolize religious devotion, protection against evil, and in some instances, is meant to boost its wearer's fertility. Because it has significance to certain groups of people, it could be viewed as disrespectful if you wear it as a person that doesn't exist within those groups.

Evil eye: The evil eye exists in a plethora of cultures, and is meant to ward off evil intentions and harm. It could be seen as disrespectful to wear the evil eye if you aren't a part of the cultures that have traditionally esteemed it. Plus, it's said to be bad luck if you purchase one for yourself.

Now that you're thinking about the rhetoric of your jewelry-wearing, go on and mix those metals. Rock that clash. Be respectful with the symbols you choose to uphold. Most importantly--wear what makes you happy and confident!

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