It seems that the new mentality of work is to overwork. If you're not "hustling", are you even working? It's either that people are overworked or hardly working; so where do we find a happy medium? Being overwhelmed and multi-tasking at work doesn't necessarily correlate with being more productive. In fact, multi-tasking has been known to decrease productivity. The increased workload has also led to an increase in productivity hacks and content on how to become more efficient. On the other hand, we're sharing some ways to not be as overwhelmed.

Don't be a robot

Sometimes we forget that we are human and we are not meant to be sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. Whether you want to use the pomodoro technique or set your own timer; it is very important to take a mental and physical break. Relax your eyes, do 100 jumps, stretch, or make a snack. My personal favorite is to do 25 jumping jacks every 30 minutes and everyday, I end up doing 350 jumping jacks! Because you want to be less robotic, switch up your work routine depending on how you feel.


Whether you're an entrepreneur or have a boss, always communicate. Let your team know what your goals are for the week/day. If you have a manager, acknowledge any deadlines that you have (before the deadline) and ask if the manager has any items that need to be prioritized. Break down the tasks on a sheet of paper. If you're not communicating and are silently preparing for work domination, it may not be the best idea.

Organize your time

My favorite quote of all time "Beyonce has the same 24 hours in a day that we do". There are people who are masters of time management and are able to get their work done and still have a life. Whether you've taken on your first job ever or are on your way to going public with your company, managing your time is life-changing. For instance, if you have a task that requires creative thinking, maybe schedule that in the morning when your brain is fresh. Schedule meetings only if they're truly needed. Most importantly, take out time to eat a proper meal.

Create a life you love

This is the biggest one. If you are continuously living a life that you don't love or are not trying to create a life that you love, you will be overwhelmed. Find meaning in the work you do — whether it's financial, a step towards a bigger goal, a new skill, or prepping for your next role.

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