In colder seasons, you might notice a tightness to your skin that wasn’t there in the summer months, or even dry flakes around your face or even other parts of your body. Temperature drops combined with indoor heating lead to our skin becoming stripped of its natural moisture, causing dryness, irritation, and even exacerbating conditions like eczema. This time of year, it’s extra important to give our skin more attention and be proactive in preventing those uncomfortable flare-ups. Happy and healthy skin means hydrated and nourished—read on for some tips to maintain your summer glow through the winter season.

Stick to the Golden Rule

And the golden rule is—sunscreen, always. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Whether you choose one that is mineral or chemical, ensure that it is broad spectrum and has a minimum of 30 SPF as recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology Association. You might be layering more serums or moisturizers on in the winter, so it’s always good to find a lightweight sunscreen that will play nice with your other skincare and makeup while still maintaining effectiveness. This one from Innisfree is affordable, lightweight, and will leave no white cast if you’re going makeup-free.

Moisturizer Is Your New Best Friend

Speaking of moisturizer—it’s definitely high up on the list with sunscreen as a product your skin absolutely needs in the wintertime. In summer, we can often get away with lightweight moisturizers or even two-in-one hydrating skin tints. But the ingredients your skin craves in colder temperatures are often different, especially if your skin tends to be on the drier side already. One such ingredient is ceramides, which are fatty acids that help protect your skin's natural barrier. Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Skin Barrier Moisturizing Cream is a great choice if you're looking to hydrate and calm your skin without feeling greasy. Tatcha’s The Dewy Skin Cream is another option that is both rich and nourishing and has a more luxe feel to it.

Be Gentle With Cleaners

A gentle cleanser is another must. Harsh cleansers are also culprits of stripping away our skin’s natural oils, which can lead to over-drying. The key is to find one that is gentle and hydrating while leaving your skin feeling clean. The Ordinary’s Glucoside Foaming Cleanser is an affordable option that is gentle and helps maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. For a makeup-removing cleanser, try The Inkey List’s Oat Cleansing Balm, which contains colloidal oatmeal to combat redness and help soothe any irritation. 

Get Serious With Serums

Serums are a game-changer in your winter skincare arsenal and will offer potent, targeted solutions. Hyaluronic acid serums work wonders in retaining moisture, plumping the skin, and combating the dryness that the colder months bring. Try this one from Good Molecules if you need that extra boost. If winter is leaving you feeling a bit lackluster, try a Vitamin C serum to brighten and even your skin tone. Summer Friday’s CC Me Serum is a top choice that also contains niacinamide, which can calm the skin and reduce inflammation

Exfoliate Wisely

Exfoliating can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s a way to slough off those dead skin cells and help your skincare penetrate deeper and work more effectively. On the other, too much can worsen your skin’s issues, leaving you dry, itchy, and inflamed. Find a happy medium by exfoliating twice a week with a gentle exfoliant. Dermologica’s Daily Microfoliant Refillable Exfoliator is a powder cleanser that will gently smooth and brighten skin. You could also try Tatcha’s The Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder, which comes in both a gentle formula and a calming one depending on your skin’s needs. 

Your Body Is Your Temple

All of the above tips aren’t just for your face, but for your body as a whole as well! While planning your next “everything shower,” pick up a gentle exfoliant and cleanser to lather up with, as well as a body moisturizer to lock everything in once you’re finished. Fresh’s Milk Body Cleanser is a soothing option that is perfect for the winter. You can also find body serums, such as this one from Nécessaire, which contains all of the good stuff—hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and ceramides. For an extra step before you dry off, slather on a rich body oil, which will leave your skin extra soft and nourished. Saltair's range of delicious smelling body oils are perfect for just that. 

Additional Tips

Besides skincare, there are other steps to take that will help your skin in the long run this winter season. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated inside and out. Invest in a humidifier for your home—this will combat the dry heat coming from your vents and help maintain moisture in the air. You should also be wearing protective layers when stepping outside. This means hats, gloves, and scarves, to shield your skin from the elements on your evening walk or daily commute. Embrace these steps during colder weather, and your body’s largest organ will thank you.

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