I love vegetables: I’ll eat raw broccoli, handfuls of spinach, and bite into peppers like they’re apples. Not everyone likes vegetables as much, if at all, which can make a vegetarian diet seem uninteresting and even daunting. Even if you’re not a vegetable fan, a vegetarian diet doesn’t need to be strictly plant-based; the best part is that it can be exactly what you need it to be.

Sticking to a vegetarian diet isn’t difficult; it just requires some creativity and planning. Some of the common concerns around vegetarian diets are protein intake, planning around meat-eating friends and family, and cost. Also, contrary to popular belief... "vegetarian" doesn't translate to lettuce and boring salads. Here are some of my favorite recipes to make that are easy, cost-effective, exciting, tasty, and satisfying--I’m here to dispel some of those (valid) anxieties.

*As a note, some of these recipes use tofu. While there are varied ways to prepare different consistencies of tofu (like extra firm versus silken), here’s a helpful how-to guide for preparing tofu, more generally.

1. Miso Soup

This is one of my favorites. It’s easy, can be made in “bulk,” and has sating protein in the tofu. Plus, it’s always a crowd favorite. 

Ingredients for 2 servings (bowls)

4 cups vegetable stock (or broth)

¼ cup of silken tofu (this can be firm or extra firm; silken is traditional)

1 sheet of dried seaweed (nori)

4 tbsp of miso paste (found in refrigerated area of grocery store)

½ chopped green onion

½ cup of vegetables of your choice (feel free to adjust and/or negate veggies as needed)


1. In a saucepan, heat the vegetable stock to a simmer. 

2.In a separate bowl, stir together miso paste and a bit of hot water until the miso doesn’t clump.

3. Add tofu, greens, and green onions to the simmering vegetable stock. Cook for about 4-5 minutes. After cooking, take the broth off the heat. Add in seaweed and any additional ingredients (like noodles or other cooked vegetables, to your liking).

4. Stir in the miso and water mixture you’d previously set aside.

5. Enjoy!

2. Crunchy tofu wrap

This is great for a quick lunch or dinner, and is highly customizable. If you’re looking for a breakfast wrap, substitute the tofu for eggs!

Ingredients (for one wrap)

¼ cup of shredded extra firm tofu

½ tbsp of olive oil

Seasonings (to your liking—I prefer Old Bay, BBQ seasoning, paprika, salt, and pepper)

2 slices of Colby Jack cheese

Vegetables of your choosing (I prefer tomatoes, avocado roasted zucchini, onions, and spinach)

Condiments (usually, I opt for Chipotle mayo or mustard)

Whole grain wrap


1. Take your shredded tofu, seasonings, and olive oil. Mix in a bowl until the oil and seasonings are evenly distributed.

2. Using a parchment paper lining, put your tofu into the air fryer. Set to 375℉ and cook for 6 minutes. After the 6 minutes have elapsed, toss the tofu to ensure that it all cooks. Place in the air fryer for another 6 minutes at the same temperature.

3. Assemble your wrap! Again, the beauty of this recipe is its customizability. Make this however you’d like! The tofu is intended to replace deli meat, so you’ll still be full and satisfied after eating. If you’re looking for more specific recipes, you can check this out.

3. Black bean tacos

Easy dinner, easy leftovers, easy way to up protein and veggie intake. (Yes. Salsa and guac count as vegetables.)

Cookie and Kate's Black Bean Taco Recipe

Ingredients (for 8 tacos)

8 tortillas

2 cans of black beans

2 tbsp of olive oil

2 cloves of minced garlic

1 tspn of cumin

½  tspn of salt

Grated cheese

Romaine or iceberg lettuce

Sour cream


Pico de gallo (or just diced tomatoes)


4 lime wedges


1. Put the olive oil, garlic, cumin, and salt into a saucepan. Bring to a light simmer. 

2. Pour the entire contents of the black bean cans (including the liquid!) into the saucepan you started. Continually stir and mash until the mixture becomes (relatively) soft in consistency. It’s good practice to use your discretion about cooking time and the extent to which you’re mashing--if it looks like ground beef, it’s ready. 

3. Once the beans are finished, you can assemble your tacos! I’ve included some of my favorite toppings to include (lettuce, pico de gallo, lime, guac), but feel free to dress them up however you’d like.

4. Vegetarian chili

For those looking for sustenance, a hearty meal, and a way to eat 5+ veggies per serving, I’ve got you covered.

Platings + Pairings's Chili Recipe


Diced carrot

Diced onion

~2 cloves of garlic

~1 tbsp olive oil

Sweet potatoes

Kidney beans

Black beans


5 crushed tomatoes

Spices (cumin, garlic salt, paprika, chili powder)


1. Pour the olive oil into a large pot. Saute (on medium-high heat) the large vegetables first: carrots, onion, and sweet potatoes for about 6 minutes.

2. Next, add in garlic and spices. Stir for about 1 minute.

3. Add in the crushed tomatoes and the rest of the veggies. Let simmer on low heat for approximately 45 minutes.

4. Enjoy!

These recipes are just a few of my favorites. If you’re looking for more veg inspiration, you can check this out. Plus, there are a lot of influencers whose platforms are entirely based on vegetarian and vegan cooking. Check them out & embrace the veg!

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