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Paris Haute Couture week for Fall/Winter of 2024/2025 just kicked-off earlier this week with a bang that you can hear all the way from the States. The main purpose of the show is to allow high fashion designers to promote their creativity, craftsmanship, and independence from the societal norm of conventional Western fashion. From Christian Dior to Schiaparelli, you’ll be seeing these elegant-yet-eccentric looks all the way through to Thursday, June 27th.

The event’s objective is to defy the typical conventions of fashion; sacrifice all that you know about style and surrender to the weird, the campy, and the mystic. Designers are constantly pushing the barriers to fashion in terms of what is usually deemed acceptable and safe. When it comes to garments and accessories, our favorite haute couture designers are taking all of the necessary risks. Here are some of my favorite looks from Paris Couture Week that I consider to be très chic.

Kylie Jenner

Pierguido Grassano / Elle Magazine

Kylie looks especially stunning in this Schiaparelli glitz and glamor look (but let’s face it: she always does). She’s stunting a mesh veil to complement the blush pink monochromatic look she’s got going on. The boned bodice hugs her silhouette in all the right places and pairs beautifully with the sleek, satin oversized shrug. Though streetwear seems to be in this year, we’re looking forward to seeing more delicate but equally rambunctious designs.

Rosamund Pike

Courtesy Dior / Marie Claire Australia

Rosamund Pike is flaunting the sultry bad-girl look, reminiscent of her starring role in Gone Girl. Make no mistake: Rosamund is anything but gone; she is out, about, and making a statement in this Christian Dior high-neck tassel dress. The bottom of the dress almost looks hand-shredded, which clashes (in the best way) with her mid-calf stockings and darling peep-toe heels. The glimmer accents in the dress complement her oh-so-delicate mini bag, and brings out the bright blonde in her hair. This look reminds me of haute couture grunge. I love!

Doja Cat

Enzo Poly / Vogue

Leave it to Doja Cat to have our mouths agape and our eyes locked-in. I’m loving this look because it is drastically different from her Spring 2023 Haute Couture look where she was doused in crystals and indeed, painted red (only her though, Paris was not.) Much like Kylie, Schiaparelli is going in a different direction when dressing their favorite celebrities; neutrals and pinks are the new trend, it seems, and I’m here for it. Doja’s sporting a boned bodice, a petal-ridden oversized blazer, and a darling mini skirt complemented by black accents in her tights, shoes, and headpiece. The Clark Kent curl is a nice touch from Schiaparelli, and so totally Doja.

FKA Twigs

Pascal Le Segretain / Vogue

FKA Twigs looks ethereal wearing Alexandre Vauthier. The platform black stilettos with a delicate ankle strap, the near-transparent black tights, and the heart-shaped skirt pull together an outfit that truly looks out of this world (and for FKA Twigs, completely on brand.) I’m honestly unsure as to what materials were added to her décolletage and along the length of her arms — but I don’t even care. She’s giving experimental camp, which is exactly what we expected from her. We’re loving her bleach brow moment as well, which only complements the darkness of her fit further.

Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain in this sensual, apple-red Rick Owens get-up is something I didn’t know I needed until I found myself audibly gasping looking at her newest Instagram post. While I was scrolling through comments hoping to see other like-minded individuals, I was thoroughly disappointed. Naysayers online are deeming the look tasteless, but I think it is the exact opposite. Emma Chamberlain has been coming into her own maturity online right in front of our eyes — and she is doing so with grace. Paris Haute Couture is for the creatives and experimentalists: and Rick Owens nailed this look in that regard.

J Lo

Mark Piasecki / Vogue

Wouldn’t be a party without J Lo on the floor. She’s seen stunting in a gorgeous tan Christian Dior look, sporting a desert-Dune hue complemented by black accents by way of her handbag, gloves, and sunnies. Is it just me, or is this look giving old money? Part of me wishes she went all the way with this Hepburn-esque vibe and wore a black vintage headscarf. Regardless, J Lo’s one-hue dress/belt/coat combo is to die for because it boasts elegance without trying to prove itself. The fact that J Lo is wearing it just makes it better.

Sabrina Carpenter

Mark Piasecki / Bustle Magazine

Saving my personal favorite (so far) for last, Sabrina Carpenter is embracing 1960s-esque beachwear looking exceptionally Americana in Jacquemus. Remember how I said I really wanted to see a headscarf look? Well, I said “Please Please Please” and Ms. Carpenter delivered. Her glowy makeup based and bright red lip complements the color story of the fit effortlessly, especially paired with her perfectly-blonde blowout.

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