Monday Swimwear + Airotciv by Victoria

The verdict is in: our beloved mini purses are going into retirement for the foreseeable future as we’re seeing an uptick in larger-than-life handbags this season. Like all things good and dandy, the products and styles we love typically have their time in the limelight until a greater, more humongous style comes our way. But no need to fear: bigger, sometimes, really is better.

Not only do larger satchels look extremely chic, but these massive moments allow you to pack everything you might possibly need for all-day affairs. Instead of praying that both your wallet and phone can fit in the larger totes’ smaller sister, the mini bag, you can pack comfortably and without worry when you’re slinging a larger carryall. A bigger style handbag fits the essentials — your wallet/keys/lip balm combination — and additionally makes space for your work laptop, planner, or meal-prepped lunch. Sometimes it’s immensely difficult to find the perfect in-between style and size that is functional and fashionable, so we included some of our favorite bags that’ll cater to your every need whilst staying on the beat of all things trendy in 2024.


Of course, I firmly believe you should accessorize whichever ways suit your lifestyle and fashion sense best. However, if you’re in the running for a larger investment like some of the bags we’ve listed, we recommend taking a further look. We all know that fashion trends are cyclical, so having a massive staple handbag would make a great addition to the mini bags you have tucked away in your closet. Happy shopping, ladies!

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