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Being an introvert may result in fewer social interactions, which can make us less familiar with effective communication techniques. There are various ways to communicate primarily when establishing new relationships, like making friends or getting to know romantic partners. Setting boundaries and discovering the most effective communication methods that benefit both parties. Through communication, trust is built, and new opportunities arise for relationships to grow stronger.

Although conversations can be difficult, it is important not to avoid them completely, especially if they show symptoms of someone who deeply struggles to interact in social situations. You might be surprised that something you were hesitant to share becomes a shared experience, and by expressing your emotions and how you feel, you open the door to forming deeper and productive connections.

Here are six things to keep in mind when communicating with others:

  1. Make Time For Conversation
  2. Check Your Tone of Voice
  3. Listen
  4. Read The Room
  5. Be Yourself
  6. Spread Positivity

Make Time For Conversation

As adults, it can be harder to make friends, and when meeting new people either in class or work, conversing with people leisurely can seem like an afterthought, considering the time you’re working on various projects. Consider asking people after class or work to go on coffee dates or have lunch together to make a new friend. Ensure it is when the other person wants to have a conversation and doesn’t feel forced or obligated.

Check Your Tone of Voice

When talking with friends or family, do you often catch yourself coming off too strongly like you’re rude or presumptuous? Your words are right, and you’re possibly sincere and genuine, but your tone can make you sound dismissive or aloof, like you could be doing something else with your time and do not want to be bothered with others. Try being more open-minded and allow the conversation to flow naturally without overthinking your responses to specific questions or statements.


Always listen to understand and not just to respond. Some introverts can rush the conversation because of their nerves or the anxiousness that being in conversation with someone can feel. Consider waiting for the right moment to respond and listen fully to what someone is saying to you. Read their body language and react while acknowledging what they've said previously or earlier in the conversation.

Read The Room

It's not only essential to address your feelings in certain situations and your moods but also address the vibe and energy wherever you’re at or situation you’re in. Sometimes we know in our gut when something feels off or unusual that we may feel uncomfortable around certain people or places. Try expressing how you feel to someone if you feel uncomfortable and know when not to over share too much about yourself.

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Be Yourself

Maybe you’ve lied a couple of times to make yourself more interesting than usual, to avoid making someone feel bored around you, or to avoid awkward silences in conversation. It’s ok to be honest with yourself, your friends and when meeting new people for the first time to avoid confusing and overwhelming situations in the future. Never feel invalidated because of who you are and put someone’s judgements of you before your feelings.

Spread Positivity

If you’re in a great mood, try spreading this feeling to others. Make someone laugh by telling a joke or genuinely compliment someone because their wardrobe inspires you or they make you feel good when you’re around them, and you appreciate their presence.

Being introverted or reserved doesn't diminish the value of your personality and opinions. It's crucial to recognize where you fit in the various aspects of life, such as work, socializing, and relationships, and find a comfortable space that suits you. Don't feel pressured to conform to societal norms, instead embrace your unique personality and find a balance in your communication  where you thrive!

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