Although there's nothing wrong with letting nature run its course, aging gracefully and allowing our complexion to look youthful is definitely something to look into. Also as much as it sucks to hear, women's skin begins aging before men and at a faster rate so let's talk about when it does and what we can do about it!


When does aging start?

At 25 our collagen begins breaking down and it accelerates the setting of wrinkles & fine lines. The more you prolong treating these, the more collagen decays, which means the deeper they set! Always remember, the longer & deeper something has been on your skin...the harder it is to treat and potentially remove.

Preventative Botox

This is something we hear about a lot (at times called "baby botox"), to treat for prevention purposes. Some dermatologists and cosmetic injection specialists recommend small dosages of botox, which is essentially a muscle relaxant, starting age 20. Why wait for something to happen if it can be prevented? Botox doesn't fill any space up, so if you've lost a lot of volume this is not your friend. Botox simply relaxes a muscle enough so there's restriction in movement. If you have a habit of raising your brows a lot then you're prone to forehead wrinkles and botox will relax the surrounding muscles so there isn't repetitive movement to set any indents in.

What Should I Avoid?

Tip 1: No Alcohol
Alcohol damages your DNA and especially your heart and organs. You can also experience breakouts, issues with blood pressure, redness, and even rashes!

Tip 2: No More Refined Sugars
Consuming a ton of sugar causes glycation which means the sugar in your bloodstream attaches to protein & forms harmful molecules. Sugar is also known to cause inflammation (most visible on your face), breakouts, skin conditions such as perioral dermatitis, and increases the rate of wrinkles formed.

What Supplements Should I take?

NAD+ helps your body with defense again molecular aging, so literally slowing down the rate of aging from the inside out. It's pricey but definitely worth it because it's known as the cell regenerator.

Resveratrol can fight off UV rays + free radicals, which both cause quite the aging like hyperpigmentation!


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